Not That Welcome An Experience

October 31, 2012

Today’s shift at work was definitely much more different that what I expected it to be, as it seemed that all of the hard stuff that was supposed  to have had happened yesterday popped up today instead.  Frankly, it was stressful, with nearly nonstop calls until almost ten in the morning, and while it did let up somewhat once past that, the avail time in between was very short up to the time we logged off.  It was enough that my throat started to ache by the time noontime came, and that’s a rare occurrence these days.

On the bright side, I wasn’t assigned to the CS queue, so it wasn’t that bad by comparison.

Needless to say, I was so glad to finally get off work, and looked forward to a nice nap once I got home.  Which I just awoke from, so I can safely say that at least worked out as planned.

Here’s to hoping that tomorrow’s shift is a lot more different, though I suppose I have a few other things to worry about instead, given how it’s All Saints Day, and the MRT might not be open tomorrow…


Worried Over Nothing

October 30, 2012

I have to say, this day could have started a bit better.  Although I got up on time, and got to the MRT station as usual, when I got there it was uncommonly packed inside the station; indeed, when as I passed through the turnstile, the station announcer called out to stop letting people inside for the time being.  Apparently there was some delay from the trains coming from Makati and beyond, which meant that passengers just kept on accumulating without any train arriving to alleviate the increase in passenger numbers.  

It took about ten minutes for a train to arrive, and while it was able to fit all of the people (myself included) waiting at the station platform somehow, the fact that it arrived after ten minutes pretty much guaranteed that I was late for work. Boo.

When I arrived at the workfloor, it was busy as usual, though I wasn’t able to join the fun immediately; for some reason, I had trouble getting into the remote client, which is to say that I couldn’t even connect to it at all.  My supervisor had me try other units, but still no luck, so I had to wait until IT figured out how to get to my remote profile again.  So I was left to my devices for about another half hour (which I used browsing via office proxy).  By the time they figured things out, and finally got me logged in, it was only a few minutes until my first break (eight-fifteen as scheduled), which I took advantage of immediately.

After the break though, it was pretty much the usual Tuesday shift though, which means there were instances of mad spikes in the queue up until around midmorning.  After weathering that though, it was more or less relaxed for the rest of the shift.  Okay, everyone did perk up when the security guard said that the people who were supposed to evaluate us suddenly showed up on the 9th floor (the inspection was scheduled for the evening), which led to everyone panicking by keeping all their stuff and moving their files to places where the inspectors hopefully wouldn’t look into in their systems.

I will admit to being pretty bushed by the end of the shift though.  I just wanted to go home and jump into bed… which is exactly what I did, after an hour of getting the urge to browse out of my system of course.

Tomorrow… well, it’s another day isn’t it?

Feeling The Routine Again

October 29, 2012

I’m not really sure what to talk about today.  For those who’re familiar with the ways of my work, it’s a Monday, meaning that it’s the slowest day of the week call-wise…

Except for some reason when I started this morning the queue was backed up, which was very rare for the day.  Otherwise it was just as expected, and at one point I was nodding off at my seat, though that was less due to boredom in between calls than the fact that I slept in late again (I blame XCOM: Enemy Unknown 2012 for that… darned Battleship clearance raids).   Kind of glad of the fact that I was able to use my lunch time for a nap again, though it still wasn’t enough,  so I begged off gym for the afternoon and just went to bed instead.

Tomorrow should be… Interesting.  I’ve been away from the phones long enough that I’m dreading the Tuesday shift again.  I hope that we’re not understaffed tomorrow, as that would make it an unadulterated hell once more, but that’s probably giving Workforce too much credit.  Might as well bring a few aspirin tablets in preparation…

P.S. News on the first of the Achiga-hen extra episodes followed in the same announcement of a second season of the main series make me happy, oh yes.

Settling Back Into Routine

October 28, 2012

So, it’s my first day back at the office after more than two weeks away.  And you know what, it’s like I never left.  Indeed, when I came in, the queue was backed up by at least twenty calls, and that was just the start.  Sheesh.  At least we were able to clear it before nine-thirty, which made the rest of the day relatively easier.  

I could have done without going ten minutes over my lunch break though, but then again that’s what I get for oversleeping.

Nothing else to share today, well, except for the fact that I made a slight detour to pay the phone and water bill.  And in one fell swoop, my savings was cut in half. Ergh.  Now I’ll have to see if I can stretch whatever is left until the tenth again.

Finally Done With It, Now For The Waiting

October 27, 2012

With the take-home segment of the comprehensive examination submitted before noon today, I can honestly put a close to this particularly frustrating chapter of my life.  Man, was that stressful.  Now for the waiting.  I don’t really have any high hopes of passing during this exam cycle though, especially given how half-arsed my answers will likely read to the examiners.  

Chalk it up to a learning experience I suppose.  When (and really, I don’t think there’s any question of it at this point) I retake the exam, at least I’ll know what to generally expect.  Mmph.

And now, it’s back to my usual office life.  Too bad my pay for the  next cycle will be pretty much gutted, as I didn’t come in for almost a single cutoff.  It’s going to be a terribly cold November, for sure.

Unintended Skip

October 25, 2012

Ugh, that was embarrassing.  I missed out on an entry last night because… well, because I slept straight through the afternoon and well past midnight.  The plan was to take a two-hour nap, then wake up at around nine in the evening so I can do what I needed to be done.  Unfortunately that didn’t quite pan out, as while I changed the time for my evening alarm, I neglected to enable it.  So there.  Ugh.

Need to finish the second entry to the take-home exam.  Depending on how things go, I should be good by tomorrow.  However, I think I’ll hold of the energy drinks, so I’ll just go straight to bed, but try to wake up early to get a head start on it (2000 words don’t seem like much, especially when the expected style is overblown and long-winded to an extreme, but trust me it’s hard).  Yeah, this time I’ll make sure that the time is not only set, but also right.

Let’s do this.

P.S. It’s payday by the way, but again I don’t really think it’s going to stay that long in my savings account, as two different bills had already arrived.  Ugh…

Not Quite Post-Exam, Day Two: Prose Padding

October 23, 2012

And here we go.  As of this post, I’m past six hundred words into “converting” (well part of it anyway) the first chapter of Jessica Hagedorn’s Dogeaters.  I wish I could say I was doing a good job at it, but frankly it’s more like I’m just expanding each sentence to their limit, but without the class or wit that typified Dicken’s prose. Ergh.  

At least it’s something, but boy, it’s sure hard to get to that thousand-word cutoff.  Oh well, work work.  There’s still the exegetic essay after this, so might as well get this done with before I retire for the night.  And it’s not like I could, not after downing that venti-sized helping of lemonade and Lipovitan energy drink mixture.  Depending on just how quickly the initial lethargy lasts, I figure that I’d be up until, hmm, at least three in the morning.

So better make the most of that right?