Not That Welcome An Experience

Today's shift at work was definitely much more different that what I expected it to be, as it seemed that all of the hard stuff that was supposed  to have had happened yesterday popped up today instead.  Frankly, it was stressful, with nearly nonstop calls until almost ten in the morning, and while it did let … Continue reading Not That Welcome An Experience

Worried Over Nothing

I have to say, this day could have started a bit better.  Although I got up on time, and got to the MRT station as usual, when I got there it was uncommonly packed inside the station; indeed, when as I passed through the turnstile, the station announcer called out to stop letting people inside for … Continue reading Worried Over Nothing

Feeling The Routine Again

I'm not really sure what to talk about today.  For those who're familiar with the ways of my work, it's a Monday, meaning that it's the slowest day of the week call-wise... Except for some reason when I started this morning the queue was backed up, which was very rare for the day.  Otherwise it … Continue reading Feeling The Routine Again

Settling Back Into Routine

So, it's my first day back at the office after more than two weeks away.  And you know what, it's like I never left.  Indeed, when I came in, the queue was backed up by at least twenty calls, and that was just the start.  Sheesh.  At least we were able to clear it before … Continue reading Settling Back Into Routine

Finally Done With It, Now For The Waiting

With the take-home segment of the comprehensive examination submitted before noon today, I can honestly put a close to this particularly frustrating chapter of my life.  Man, was that stressful.  Now for the waiting.  I don't really have any high hopes of passing during this exam cycle though, especially given how half-arsed my answers will … Continue reading Finally Done With It, Now For The Waiting

Unintended Skip

Ugh, that was embarrassing.  I missed out on an entry last night because... well, because I slept straight through the afternoon and well past midnight.  The plan was to take a two-hour nap, then wake up at around nine in the evening so I can do what I needed to be done.  Unfortunately that didn't … Continue reading Unintended Skip

Not Quite Post-Exam, Day Two: Prose Padding

And here we go.  As of this post, I'm past six hundred words into "converting" (well part of it anyway) the first chapter of Jessica Hagedorn's Dogeaters.  I wish I could say I was doing a good job at it, but frankly it's more like I'm just expanding each sentence to their limit, but without the … Continue reading Not Quite Post-Exam, Day Two: Prose Padding

Not Quite Post-Exam, Day One: Verbosity

So, first day of the week.  Despite my misgivings over the task at hand, I think I have a good idea where I want to go with the take-home examination I was given.  That said, going from idea to action is a different thing entirely, and in all honesty, I'm not sure I have what … Continue reading Not Quite Post-Exam, Day One: Verbosity

Compre Exam, Post Facto Day One

It's another Sunday, and I have to say after the mentally (and emotionally) grueling day yesterday, you'd excuse me if I felt entitled to a day cooped up in my room feeling sorry for myself.  Luckily this time my father, for once, set me straight, if only to remind me that I can't stay up … Continue reading Compre Exam, Post Facto Day One

Disaster Most Paramount

That's the only way I can describe how this afternoon's comprehensive examinations went, really.  For all my review, it didn't seem to matter in the end, as not only was none of it on the exam (as expected!), but what's more, every single entry required an essay-type answer that I simply wasn't prepared to, well, … Continue reading Disaster Most Paramount