Friday Mambo

This was probably the epitome of my ideal lazy weekend, where I just did nothing but do whatever I wanted at the house.  The only difference this time is the fact that, by some odd miracle, I was able to wake up early.  Around nine in fact, which is even more surprising, when you consider … Continue reading Friday Mambo

Running Cutoff

Although I feel  a whole lot different now that I've taken an nap (after my usual visit to the gym), let me admit something: trying to function without sleep?  It's not really something I'd like to experience again, and hopefully I won't have to for a long while. Now one might be wondering what happened … Continue reading Running Cutoff

Midweek Valleys

As expected, my system still wasn't back to the state I'd rather have it been in, which is to say all of having a full desktop worth of program shortcuts and functions, as well has having a browser with complete list of favorites.  After what happened yesterday though, I decided to still do my part, … Continue reading Midweek Valleys

None Of The Effort

Despite my expectations of things being otherwise, I arrived at work this morning to find that my system still hadn't been restored to its default setting... This meant that not only was my remote desktop completely empty of any executable program shortcuts, it still couldn't detect my C drive (where most of my documents and … Continue reading None Of The Effort

Low-Energy Weekstart

I can't really speak much for my shift at work today, as it's your typical Monday.  That is to say that the call queue was barely there, and the rate that the calls came in can be summed up as "relaxed".  I think one can consider that a minor blessing of sorts, as it turns … Continue reading Low-Energy Weekstart

Neither Much To Speak Of

For a Sunday, it was thankfully slow at work.  It wasn't even queuing by the time I got to the office, and the fact that we had a full complement likely helped eased things more than a bit.  The call queue did spike a few times during the shift (around nine-thirty, sometime close to eleven, … Continue reading Neither Much To Speak Of

Weekend Blank

I can't really say that I actually did much today, creative or otherwise.  Spent nearly all of it in front of my PC, fiddling with SAI, watching anime, or... playing XCOM.  It's the epitome of a lazy weekend, but on some level that's just fine.  Just don't remind me to finish that Madoka project anytime soon though. … Continue reading Weekend Blank