Friday Mambo

November 30, 2012

This was probably the epitome of my ideal lazy weekend, where I just did nothing but do whatever I wanted at the house.  The only difference this time is the fact that, by some odd miracle, I was able to wake up early.  Around nine in fact, which is even more surprising, when you consider the fact that my phone’s alarm for the weekend is set to ring at nine-thirty.  Huh.

I can’t say that I was able to use the extra time to do something creative, but I was able to let off some stress and relax for a change, so in that regard I didn’t think the day was wasted.  What’s more, I was able to go to the gym as usual, meaning that I can really end the week with no guilt.

Oh, and boy does it get dark so quickly nowadays.  It was especially noticeable while I was at the gym, looking out at the city’s skyline, which by around five-thirty was as dark as early evening.

That aside, we got our usual box of goods from the US from our mom.  This pretty much means that both the fridge and our cupboards are full again with stuff.  Man, this December will be trying on me, to say the least.  Hard to not overeat with all that food around.


Running Cutoff

November 29, 2012

Although I feel  a whole lot different now that I’ve taken an nap (after my usual visit to the gym), let me admit something: trying to function without sleep?  It’s not really something I’d like to experience again, and hopefully I won’t have to for a long while.

Now one might be wondering what happened for me to pretty much miss out on sleep (and go through my shift for the day half-wary that I’d just nod off in the middle of a call), it’s simple really: my download for World of Tanks had finished (I blame Girls und Panzers for that!), and I wanted to test drive the game, so to speak, for a bit.  Well that one short hour that I planned to play?  It went longer than I anticipated.

With that in mind, I think I can count myself lucky that my system still wasn’t restored when I came in today.  Because of that, I was put on the applications queue (ignoring the fact that I was able to answer merchant calls just fine yesterday) by our team coach, which meant that I had less stuff clamoring for my attention, which  gave me a lower chance of screwing things up mightily due to lack of sleep.

It’s a little surprising that I was still able to go home without collapsing entirely into bed… Indeed, I was still able to go to the gym as usual.  However, AFTER I got back from the gym is a different matter entirely.  As soon as I got changed, the moment I lay on the bed I was out as a light.

With that in mind it’s a bit of a miracle that I was still able to wake up to put in this entry now, instead of, you know, tomorrow morning.

Midweek Valleys

November 28, 2012

As expected, my system still wasn’t back to the state I’d rather have it been in, which is to say all of having a full desktop worth of program shortcuts and functions, as well has having a browser with complete list of favorites.  After what happened yesterday though, I decided to still do my part, though it was a lot harder than usual, as I had to manually track down not only the web links to the online functions I needed, as well as figure out where the heck all the programs in my remote server were.

The end result, of course, is that I was able to contribute to the queue today.  Which kind of helped, since technically without me there’d only be two people taking in calls for the last shift.

That said, it was pretty much the usual midweek.  I had to pass off going to the gym this time though, as it was terribly hot even by late afternoon.  You’d think that it’d be even more incentive to work out, but nope, far too muggy for my blood.  So I opted for a late-day nap, augmented a bit with A/C use for a change.

Not really much to share aside from that.  While I don’t hope for an exciting day tomorrow, I do wish that it’d be less… warm.

None Of The Effort

November 27, 2012

Despite my expectations of things being otherwise, I arrived at work this morning to find that my system still hadn’t been restored to its default setting… This meant that not only was my remote desktop completely empty of any executable program shortcuts, it still couldn’t detect my C drive (where most of my documents and employee information are kept) as well as my H drive (where all of the programs I use for my calls can be located).  Well, not too surprising, since it took a while for a resolution to be found when something similar to this happened a while back.

So what did this mean, when all was said and done?  It meant that I couldn’t take in calls, as even if I could bring up the call manager, I couldn’t help any of the customers calling in anyway…  But since neither my supervisor nor workforce ordered me to go home, I was pretty much stuck there for six hours.  Needless to say, I made the best of what I could of the situation… which boiled down to using the office’s proxy internet for all it was worth, as well as catching up for as much sleep as I could.

In that regard, things turned out pretty well, and technically I was still being paid for doing nothing.

I do wish that things get fixed tomorrow though.  Browsing can get dreadfully boring after a while.

That little bit aside, I was able to go to the gym this time around, since the rest I got at work pretty much ensured that I didn’t have any excuse to put off the visit.

Low-Energy Weekstart

November 26, 2012

I can’t really speak much for my shift at work today, as it’s your typical Monday.  That is to say that the call queue was barely there, and the rate that the calls came in can be summed up as “relaxed”.  I think one can consider that a minor blessing of sorts, as it turns out that a good deal of my officemates did have some kind of post-Christmas party hangover.  Indeed, the agent sitting beside me was still wearing his outfit from last night, and had gone straight to work from the party itself.  

Aside from that, nothing much to actually say about my day, though I am feeling less than perky due to being up late again.  No wonder I elected for a nap instead of going to the gym, though an aching ankle did influence that decision a bit.

Might go to bed early at this rate. It’s not like I have anything to do for the rest of the night anyway, and it’s Tuesday again, meaning I need the extra energy.

Neither Much To Speak Of

November 25, 2012

For a Sunday, it was thankfully slow at work.  It wasn’t even queuing by the time I got to the office, and the fact that we had a full complement likely helped eased things more than a bit.  The call queue did spike a few times during the shift (around nine-thirty, sometime close to eleven, and finally one more time past noon), but it was more than manageable. Certainly not as stressful as it would have been had there been only two of us.

Incidentally, today was the company Christmas Party.  Obviously I didn’t attend.  I wasn’t too interested, and the fact that there was a formal dress code didn’t make it appeal any better to me.  Better to use the rest of my day trying to recoup sleep… Yes, I slept late again, but as usual I can lay all of the blame on video games for that.  Ugh.

Hopefully it’ll be a slow Monday tomorrow rather than a frustrating one.  Here’s to my officemates remembering that, after the party, it’s back to work as usual.

Weekend Blank

November 24, 2012

I can’t really say that I actually did much today, creative or otherwise.  Spent nearly all of it in front of my PC, fiddling with SAI, watching anime, or… playing XCOM.  It’s the epitome of a lazy weekend, but on some level that’s just fine.  Just don’t remind me to finish that Madoka project anytime soon though.

That said, boy was it hot this afternoon.  I was forced to turn on the A/C again just to avoid frying in my room.  It was bad enough that my father, who usually spent the better half of the day in my sister’s room reading, actually relocated to my room. It’s a good thing that the heat somewhat subsided by around four, but still, it’s December already darnit!  It shouldn’t even be this hot.  Hmph.