Counting Down The Time

In less than two hours it's going to be the start of the new year, which is to say that the family once again has to dress up and take pictures looking our best.  I'm a bit worried of course that I won't be able to fit into those fancy dresses again, after the gain … Continue reading Counting Down The Time

Just A Bit Of A Jump To Go

It's Sunday once again, which meant that it was pretty busy at the office.  The queue was, as expected, a little crowded, but unlike any other week, we only experienced a few non-sequential spikes, rather than a continuous parade of frustration and stress for the entirety of the shift.  With three of us on call, … Continue reading Just A Bit Of A Jump To Go

Counting Days Down

Last day off, and I can't say there's much to share about what I did today.  As one might expect, I just vegged out for the day, and pretty much did what I did yesterday.  Which is to say, not much. The only interesting thing that I could share, not surprisingly, didn't happen to me.  … Continue reading Counting Days Down

Friday Sleep-In

As the title says, that's pretty much how I spent my Friday.  Aside from rousing myself for breakfast and lunch (at which I had to entertain an uncle who was visiting), I spent my time today either on bed or in front of my PC.  Did do some reading on the side though, but it's … Continue reading Friday Sleep-In

Avoiding the Swells

Aside from being slightly late coming to work (since I had brought two hundred pesos with me, and since it was too early in the day for likely any jeepney driver to be able to give me proper change, I had to quickly detour to Alphaland's Chowking to buy something), my shift at work today … Continue reading Avoiding the Swells

Surprisingly Lightweight Holiday

It's Christmas Day finally, but for me that means going back to work.  Against the odds, I actually woke up on the dot, which meant that I had enough time to bathe and get dressed without having to rush in a panic.  Given how I ate heavily just a few hours previously, I didn't have … Continue reading Surprisingly Lightweight Holiday