Late-Week Gauntlet

I can't really say that I was happy with the shift I had at the office today.  On top of the usual workload, for some reason the CS queue was backed up, which meant that we  were "volunteered" again to help keep off the pressure.  Unfortunately, that just led to a whole lot of stress … Continue reading Late-Week Gauntlet


Just Those Payday Blues

As expected, what I got for my salary was barely a pittance.  It's a good thing that I sold those stocks when I did, or else I'd really be in the red by the end of the month, what with all those bills and assorted payments that I'd have to do.  And this isn't including … Continue reading Just Those Payday Blues

That Day After (The Exam)

Whew, it feels like a weight was lifted off my shoulders somewhat.  I finally turned in the take-home segment of the comprehensive exam yesterday.  Now for the agonizing wait for the results.  I'll be very happy if I pass, but I'm not really confident -- especially when the first thing that greeted me when I … Continue reading That Day After (The Exam)

Figuring It Out

The trip to pick up the take-home part of the retake was actually very brief -- the round trip took barely twenty minutes all told. Now comes the hard part.  Honestly, after a day to myself, I'm still torn on what to do.  It's way too easy to choose the third option (in this case, … Continue reading Figuring It Out

Exam Review Countdown: The Night Before

Well here it is, the last night before the exam.  Rather than putting my nose in a book again, I decided to take the day to relax.  God knows I need it, as I'm rather anxious right now. Hope I don't screw up this one. Incidentally I'm technically home alone for the weekend, since my … Continue reading Exam Review Countdown: The Night Before

Exam Retake Countdown: Two

Went to the Learning Commons again.  This time the review menu for the day was Caroline Hau's Necessary Fictions: Philippine Literature and the Nation, 1946-1980,  Resil Mojares' Origins and Rise of the Filipino Novel: A Generic Study of the Novel Until 1940, and finished off my stay with a few more of The Best of … Continue reading Exam Retake Countdown: Two

Exam Retake Countdown: Three

It's midweek, and it's close enough to the exam date that I'm getting nervous.  Anyway, as usual, it was back to the Learning Commons for review.  For today, I finished off the rest of Joacquin's Manila, My Manila, before continuing on to Butch Dalisay's The Best of Barfly.  The latter of which made me laugh … Continue reading Exam Retake Countdown: Three