Late-Week Gauntlet

February 28, 2013

I can’t really say that I was happy with the shift I had at the office today.  On top of the usual workload, for some reason the CS queue was backed up, which meant that we  were “volunteered” again to help keep off the pressure.  Unfortunately, that just led to a whole lot of stress for yours truly.  Honesly, by the time I got home, I wanted to just lie down and forget about everything.

Which was what I did.  I was tired, and I had a bad headache to boot.  Not surprisingly, I opted not to go to the gym, though that makes it the fourth straight day that I haven’t gone. Ugh.

Thank Haruhi it’s the weekend.  Time to recharge.  Yep.


Just Those Payday Blues

February 25, 2013

As expected, what I got for my salary was barely a pittance.  It’s a good thing that I sold those stocks when I did, or else I’d really be in the red by the end of the month, what with all those bills and assorted payments that I’d have to do.  And this isn’t including paying my cousin for helping around the house.  Hmm.

Well, at least I’m going to have something to tide me over until the next payday, but it’s still going to be tough.  Geh.  So no extraneous spending again, especially now I’ve cleared my debts.

Ah, it’s going to be a long two weeks again.

That Day After (The Exam)

February 24, 2013

And now to start worrying again about tomorrow

Whew, it feels like a weight was lifted off my shoulders somewhat.  I finally turned in the take-home segment of the comprehensive exam yesterday.  Now for the agonizing wait for the results.  I’ll be very happy if I pass, but I’m not really confident — especially when the first thing that greeted me when I submitted my work was “Are there any changes you want to do, like add references?” 

References.  Man, I knew  forgot about something when I was doing the short exegesic essay at the very end. 

Oh well, can’t worry about that now.  The die is cast so to speak.

Now to pray really REALLY hard that I pass.  Even a low pass is acceptable at this point.

Incidentally today’s the day I returned to work.  Thankfully not much has changed, except perhaps for the fact that we  now have a biometric scan using thumbprints.  Hmm, have to ask about that to my supervisor or team coach, as we didn’t have that one before I started my review two weeks ago.

As for tomorrow… Payday.  Not really expecting a lot (I have been gone two weeks), but something is better than nothing right?  Just hope that it isn’t delayed again past noon, or else it’d be annoying.

Figuring It Out

February 16, 2013

The trip to pick up the take-home part of the retake was actually very brief — the round trip took barely twenty minutes all told.

Now comes the hard part.  Honestly, after a day to myself, I’m still torn on what to do.  It’s way too easy to choose the third option (in this case, write a short story about two writers discussing story writing devices like characterization, point of view, Setting, and Imagery), then coming up with an essay defending how the composition itself is story-like, because it’s likely that because it’s relatively easy that it’d be given more scrutiny by the exam proctor…  But honestly the two other options intimidate me.

I have to decide by tomorrow though, as I need to get writing.  No pressure eh?

Exam Review Countdown: The Night Before

February 15, 2013

Well here it is, the last night before the exam.  Rather than putting my nose in a book again, I decided to take the day to relax.  God knows I need it, as I’m rather anxious right now.

Hope I don’t screw up this one.

Incidentally I’m technically home alone for the weekend, since my father left for the province this morning, and my cousin left early this afternoon to go to my sister’s house as usual (to help with the housework there).  I went to the gym as usual, but once I got home I threw together a quick dinner for myself.  Nothing fancy, just the stuff I found in the fridge — in this case, fish balls, green peas, hot peppers, tomatoes, and rice, which I threw together into a makeshift paella/pilaf. 

Very filling, but I think I overdid it with the spices I added after.

And now, early bed I suppose, but only after praying. Hard.

P.S. I found out that I actually went over my credit limit on one of my credit cards, so I decided that I just about had it with that debt.  I sold half of the stocks I had (since they were gained a huge profit already and were just sitting there in my account), so come the time where the buying power is deposited into my savings (give or take three business days) I’m paying off the balance on both my cards.

I’ll just figure out how to make up for those stocks again.

Exam Retake Countdown: Two

February 14, 2013

Went to the Learning Commons again.  This time the review menu for the day was Caroline Hau’s Necessary Fictions: Philippine Literature and the Nation, 1946-1980,  Resil Mojares’ Origins and Rise of the Filipino Novel: A Generic Study of the Novel Until 1940, and finished off my stay with a few more of The Best of Barfly and Jessica Hagedorn’s The Dogeaters.

Two days to go.  Honestly, I’m feeling anxious at this point.  Hopefully this refresher will be enough this time to carry the day and pass.

P.S. Father is leaving again for the province to take care of stuff related to the land and whatnot.  Wanted to watch some more Band of Brothers with him tonight, but he has to wake up early for his flight (which is at 5 am), so I didn’t press the issue.  Since he’s going to be there for a month this means that I’m going to be left alone for the most part to look after the finances for the house. 

That thought is more than a little terrifying, honestly.  Close to the anxiety I’m feeling about the compre retake actually.

Exam Retake Countdown: Three

February 13, 2013

It’s midweek, and it’s close enough to the exam date that I’m getting nervous.  Anyway, as usual, it was back to the Learning Commons for review.  For today, I finished off the rest of Joacquin’s Manila, My Manila, before continuing on to Butch Dalisay’s The Best of Barfly.  The latter of which made me laugh and snicker through some of the less serious entries.

Going to see if I can squeeze more books by tomorrow’s visit.

Oh, and I find it a little amusing how Ash Wednesday this year (today) is to be followed by Valentine’s Day (tomorrow).  Penance before pleasure?  Seems like it.

P.S. Was able to go to the gym today.  Felt really good about it too, with nary a cramp for the whole duration.