Another Reminder Of Heck

April 30, 2013

I’d like to claim that today was one of the more relaxing Tuesday shifts, but it wasn’t.  The queue was kind of backed up, and worse, someone at workforce once again had the bright idea of placing 3/4ths of the team on the CS queue again (because their queue was backed up)… Which meant that we had only one member of the team answering merchant and membership calls for a while.  It made for a stupidly stressful experience for sure.

The dreaded electricity bill arrived, and it went over any of our expectations.  Nine thousand big ones, which is more than half a month’s salary for yours truly.  We’re still trying to figure out how much each of us — myself, my father, and my sister — are going to contribute, but it’s definitely going to hurt our wallets.

Hopefully tomorrow’s shift isn’t as bad.  That’s the only thing I can ask for right now.


On Our Own For A While

April 28, 2013

Today’s shift passed as relaxed as I could have hoped, which is always something considering the fact that it’s a Sunday, and Sundays always held a schizophrenic place in my work week.  I’m thankful for the fact that, yes, today’s shift wasn’t stressful at all, with probably just two instances of the queue getting backed up.

It’s a little quiet in the house for a change, as my sister’s taken her son home to Tandang Sora, apparently to show off the kid to her husband’s big brother, who’s back home temporarily from Australia.  Since she took our cousin with her, this means that it’s just me and the old man in the house today.  Not that it matters much, since we’ll likely keep to ourselves (if there’s one thing I got from my father, its my bad habit of introspection), which takes away any and all danger of an argument flaring up by accident.

Anyway, just a few more things, then it’s off to bed. Submitting the Abstract finally, so that’s a worry off my checklist at least.

P.S. Had an incredible win streak on World of Tanks today, thanks to being in a platoon with Kimi and his friend from Relic (a clan with really good players overall).  14 straight in 15 matches (albeit mostly on the KV-1S) is a huge thing, especially in a platoon where the other tanks were a Cromwell and a Churchill VII.  Heh.  It pretty much single-handedly reversed my bad luck from the previous two days.

P.P.S. Oh, and apparently followers of  Girls und Panzer are getting what they wished for, and more; not only are we getting the battle against Anzio animated in its full glory, but we’re also going to get a full movie in 2014! Ha!  Okay, a second season would be much better, but these are the next best things.

Enjoying The Fleeting Moment

April 25, 2013

It’s not mono no aware of course, which is the basis of purer slice of life stories; rather, the feeling I describe is that of my salary, as it arrives on my hand, before it’s surreptitiously deposited into my savings account.  There it’ll sit for a few days, before I’m inevitably going to have to withdraw a big chunk of it to pay for the bills that are expected to arrive by the second half of the month.  After which, I’ll be forced to estimate once again just how I’m going to budget what’s left to last me until the next payday…  So yeah, altogether brief, and disappointingly fleeting.  Such is the fact of the money I have.

Really, I was right to expect that I wouldn’t even feel the supposed adjustment made to my base pay.  Oh well, I suppose it could be worse.  Apparently payroll messed up in several instances and some people got a huge lump sum this payday (with payoffs in the range of 26000 to up to 32000 pesos).  Normally this would make anyone happy, but payroll is surprisingly quick to make up for this very monumental screw-up… by making sure that the employees who got said lump sums will have their salaries deducted from the next cutoff onward, until all of that money is “paid back”.  Ouch.

That aside, it was pretty much the normal end-day of my workweek.  Not exactly relaxed, but a whole lot better than yesterday. And there was a small feast awaiting me once I got home to boot.  Okay it was pancit and valenciana as expected, but as my sister said, a baby only gets their first month-sary only once.  As for the celebrant, he was quiet and well-behaved, but that’s likely due to all the milk we’ve been feeding him to keep him calm, heh.

Those Days I Loathe

April 24, 2013

Well, it turned out that today was one of those more frustrating shifts of the week.  An overflowing call queue coupled with only two people on the team on duty pretty much guaranteed a continuous parade of stress.  To give you a good idea on how hectic is was, the queue was suffering multiple spikes well up to my lunch break (which today was at ten forty-five), and even after I came back from the break there were still instances where the calls just came pouring in.  Sheesh.

So yeah, you can understand why I was so happy to jump into bed and just embrace sleep once I got home.

P.S. Baby had his first shot today (Hepa B I think), so he was apparently fussy once he and my sister got home from the clinic.  Rather than in the butt or the shoulder like we used to have as kids, my nephew had his shot on the thigh.  Hmm, that’s a surprising change of locations.

He was quiet once I got home though, which was very nice.

Again, Mostly Fine

April 23, 2013

I can’t speak much for my day at work, except for the fact that it’s one of the Tuesday shifts that I somehow managed to enjoy, especially since it went mostly without a spike in the queue.  There’s a little hang-up about me not having any Outlook access, but given how I rarely read office email aside from process updates, it’s not much a big loss in productivity.  Now here’s to hoping that the trend continues tomorrow, though I somehow doubt it since the team is going to be down at least two people.  Might I have exchanged a day of peace with an incoming day of frustration?  We’ll just have to see.

On the personal side of things, spent some of my afternoon fussing over the baby as usual.  Despite my sister’s misgivings, he seems to be comfortable being carried (and bottle-fed!) by other people now.  He’s also much more alert, and if my father is to be believed, a developing a whole lot faster than how we were during our first month.  Speaking of which… two days to go for the baby, which coincides with payday, surprisingly enough.  Some valenciana, barbecue, and maybe a small cake is in order as a small celebration.

And yes, I haven’t forgotten about the Abstract. Expect that to be sent in the department’s way by the end of the week.

Not Really That Big A Difference

April 22, 2013

Today was the same old Monday shift, which means that the calls were slow in the coming and the atmosphere was really relaxed.  Which is obviously how I’d like the rest of my week to be, but since that’s not really possible I take what I can get.  That little detail aside, apparently today is when my pay rate increase is supposed to “officially” take effect, despite technically already being in effect since the previous cutoff.  Heck I was given a form to sign, as well as a copy to keep, announcing that, yes, my pay went up.

And by how much, you might be wondering? 

Oh, by about five hundred pesos.

Yeah, you can see me jumping for joy at that.

Oh well, payday is in about three days.  Time to compute just how much of that will be taken up by bill payments, as well as taxes and contributions.  Hopefully there’ll still be some left over to tide me over until the next payday.

Work, Interrupted

April 21, 2013

I started the day with a splitting headache.  I think all that frustration from the previous night’s session on World of Tanks had carried over, and even with a good night’s rest I still felt like someone was pounding a six-inch spike through the left side of my head. With a mattock.

So I did the best thing I could think of: I crawled downstairs, gave workforce a call that I wasn’t able to come to work, took some headache medicine, then returned to bed.  Hey, I was allowed my sick leave, and by Haruhi I was going to use them.

The rest of the day passed without much fuss though.  I stayed in bed until around mid-day, at which I roused myself for some food and more headache medicine.  Aside from that, I did what you’d expect me to do on my day off, which is to say a whole lot of nothing.

Going to have to make up for this tomorrow though, though given how it’s Monday, the shift shouldn’t be that hard.  I hope.