Another Reminder Of Heck

I'd like to claim that today was one of the more relaxing Tuesday shifts, but it wasn't.  The queue was kind of backed up, and worse, someone at workforce once again had the bright idea of placing 3/4ths of the team on the CS queue again (because their queue was backed up)... Which meant that … Continue reading Another Reminder Of Heck

On Our Own For A While

Today's shift passed as relaxed as I could have hoped, which is always something considering the fact that it's a Sunday, and Sundays always held a schizophrenic place in my work week.  I'm thankful for the fact that, yes, today's shift wasn't stressful at all, with probably just two instances of the queue getting backed … Continue reading On Our Own For A While

Enjoying The Fleeting Moment

It's not mono no aware of course, which is the basis of purer slice of life stories; rather, the feeling I describe is that of my salary, as it arrives on my hand, before it's surreptitiously deposited into my savings account.  There it'll sit for a few days, before I'm inevitably going to have to … Continue reading Enjoying The Fleeting Moment

Those Days I Loathe

Well, it turned out that today was one of those more frustrating shifts of the week.  An overflowing call queue coupled with only two people on the team on duty pretty much guaranteed a continuous parade of stress.  To give you a good idea on how hectic is was, the queue was suffering multiple spikes … Continue reading Those Days I Loathe

Again, Mostly Fine

I can't speak much for my day at work, except for the fact that it's one of the Tuesday shifts that I somehow managed to enjoy, especially since it went mostly without a spike in the queue.  There's a little hang-up about me not having any Outlook access, but given how I rarely read office … Continue reading Again, Mostly Fine

Not Really That Big A Difference

Today was the same old Monday shift, which means that the calls were slow in the coming and the atmosphere was really relaxed.  Which is obviously how I'd like the rest of my week to be, but since that's not really possible I take what I can get.  That little detail aside, apparently today is … Continue reading Not Really That Big A Difference

Work, Interrupted

I started the day with a splitting headache.  I think all that frustration from the previous night's session on World of Tanks had carried over, and even with a good night's rest I still felt like someone was pounding a six-inch spike through the left side of my head. With a mattock. So I did … Continue reading Work, Interrupted