A Whole Day’s Caffeine, And Nothing To Show For It

So I wake up early, take a heavy lunch, and spend the rest of my day in front of the laptop trying to come up with something for my visit tomorrow to the department, all the while drinking cup after cup of coffee just to stay awake. Needless to say, I accomplished nothing for all … Continue reading A Whole Day’s Caffeine, And Nothing To Show For It


Once Again, The Cramming Game

The mass of dark clouds over the southern horizon really rubbed it in that summer was on the way out, and the rainy season was fast approaching.  The fact that said dark clouds, once they converged over the city proper, eventually let loose a steady torrent was evidence enough.  It was raining through a good … Continue reading Once Again, The Cramming Game

The Usual Handwringing At Losses

I returned to work today, to find that nothing much had changed in the two days that I was gone.  Well it would have been a stretch for anything major to happen at the office in that time.  Still, the same system maladies were still very much apparent when I logged in... Or at least, … Continue reading The Usual Handwringing At Losses

And Stuff That Was Wasted

So I went to school again today, this time during the afternoon, as it was the only time we could catch our faculty advisor.  The end result... wasn't as fruitful as I'd have hoped really.  Basically the gist is that I still didn't have any mentor, but hopefully that'd be dealt with by Saturday.  Hopefully.  … Continue reading And Stuff That Was Wasted

Home Stretch Half-Done

As I mentioned, I went to school today to see to my thesis writing enrollment.  Before that though there was this little matter of reactivating my MyDLSU account online again, since it went inactive after I forgot to use it for two months.  Good thing I still had the receipt from the previous term, so … Continue reading Home Stretch Half-Done

Off To Do Important Stuff

Overall, today's shift wasn't as stressful as I had initially feared, despite the fact that I was the only one of our team to come in today (and usually that's a huge danger sign).  I suppose the fact that my merchant systems were down again, despite multiple restarts, contributed to that since as a result … Continue reading Off To Do Important Stuff

Needs Over Twitchy Expenditures

I paid off some of the bills today, specifically the PLDT combined DSL and phone bill, the Maynilad bill, and deducted a chunk off my VISA credit card's balance.  So I won't have to worry about the first two until next m0nth, but the last issue was more or less wasted, as I added to … Continue reading Needs Over Twitchy Expenditures