A Whole Day’s Caffeine, And Nothing To Show For It

May 31, 2013

So I wake up early, take a heavy lunch, and spend the rest of my day in front of the laptop trying to come up with something for my visit tomorrow to the department, all the while drinking cup after cup of coffee just to stay awake.

Needless to say, I accomplished nothing for all that caffeine I drank.  If I wasn’t distracted by the desktop — a clear sign that I really need to be as far as possible from my room to be able to do anything — it was the fact that I spent a good chunk of the day staring at the laptop screen.  There are germs of ideas, but as usual my lack of writing practice caused me to translate none of them into actual text.

And then late in the day, I found out I have a mentor now.  Drat.

I’m sure as heck not going to be impressing them tomorrow, that’s for sure.  Now I need to play catch-up now.  Ugh.


Once Again, The Cramming Game

May 30, 2013

The mass of dark clouds over the southern horizon really rubbed it in that summer was on the way out, and the rainy season was fast approaching.  The fact that said dark clouds, once they converged over the city proper, eventually let loose a steady torrent was evidence enough.  It was raining through a good part of the morning, though it did finally let up by around lunch time.  Even then the overcast skies remained, which was a welcome relief from the heat, at least.  The rain helped with the humidity too, which was always an added plus.

Shift-wise it was a miracle that we didn’t get swamped today, given how only two of the usual five (including myself) on the final dayshift came in.   I suppose the fact that my merchant systems were functioning (or rather that I landed in a server that had functioning systems) helped keep things down, as I was able to help with the merchant side this time around. 

As for the cramming… Well I have to present something for my visit tomorrow to the department right?  Either way I’m likely going to be embarrassed anyway, so why not put effort in presenting something.

The Usual Handwringing At Losses

May 29, 2013

I returned to work today, to find that nothing much had changed in the two days that I was gone.  Well it would have been a stretch for anything major to happen at the office in that time.  Still, the same system maladies were still very much apparent when I logged in… Or at least, tried to log in.  It honestly took me about fifteen minutes to even access the remote servers via Citrix, which then proceeded to crash my merchant programs again.  The end result?  I was placed on the membership queue again. 

Which was fine by me. 

Though you’d think that Workforce would get a clue, as sometime during midday I started to receive merchant calls again.  Which I obviously had to turn away via downtime spiel, due to the fact that I didn’t have the programs I needed.  Oops.  Good thing our TC for the day fixed that, but it did take long in coming, as by that point I’d been turning down merchant calls for over an hour.

It was sunny by the time the shift ended, though there was a bit of cloud cover all over the horizon, and by the time I got to my neighborhood there was a good bit of shade going.  Kind of disappointed that there wasn’t any rain, but you take what you can get, I suppose.

Went to bed this afternoon.  Felt really drained.  Still felt drained when I woke up early-evening, though the mental cobwebs did clear up a bit for me to watch this week’s Aiura and Yuyushiki, before diving into more intellectual reading material, specifically Chinua Achebe’s Thing’s Fall Apart and Albert Camus’ The Stranger.  Have to read good fiction in preparation for coming up with stuff for Saturday.  In some ways, getting banned for a day from Animesuki can have it’s uses, as it frees me from the obvious distractions.

On more weight-related news… I apparently regained ten pounds over the course of one month.  Oi.  I really have to look into re-enrolling at the gym, and since I have money now there’s stuff to spend plus with the change in weather, I can actually go there again without getting in danger of passing out on the way.  Yeah. 

But hand in hand with that, intake reduction. Been doing too much idle eating anyway.

And Stuff That Was Wasted

May 28, 2013

So I went to school again today, this time during the afternoon, as it was the only time we could catch our faculty advisor.  The end result… wasn’t as fruitful as I’d have hoped really.  Basically the gist is that I still didn’t have any mentor, but hopefully that’d be dealt with by Saturday.  Hopefully. 

In the time between then, I’m supposed to come up with some documentation to try to “impress” said mentor when we finally meet, mostly two sample chapter of the proposed book, and a sample of my so-called “poetics ” (the philosophy to my writing or craft).  This, on top of once more reading up again on theory, and where I stand in the “tradition”.

No pressure, right?

This more or less puts a stopper to any kind of semi-active hobby-related gaming, as at this point in time gaming is the number one timesink I have.  And I’m not exactly the type of writer who can focus on actually writing something when most of my free time gets eaten by online tanking.  Ugh.

Back to work tomorrow.  Hope that the team looks on my two-day absence more kindly, especially now that I don’t have anything really to show for it.

Home Stretch Half-Done

May 27, 2013

As I mentioned, I went to school today to see to my thesis writing enrollment.  Before that though there was this little matter of reactivating my MyDLSU account online again, since it went inactive after I forgot to use it for two months.  Good thing I still had the receipt from the previous term, so it didn’t take too long to get done.  After that, it was an easy enough task to log in and put in a reservation for residency. 

After that it was off to the campus.  I was a bit surprised, as apparently today was the official start of classes, which meant that there were a LOT of students already milling around the campus.  The first stop was the department of course, but the person I was supposed to meet — the program advisor — wasn’t it.  Because he apparently didn’t have any classes to teach today.  Ironically he was the one who told us to come around on the 27th, though I suppose it might just be a misunderstanding, as the ability to even enroll for residency/thesis only appears on the website today.

Anyway, this means that I’m in for another visit tomorrow for advising.  Remember, Thesis Writing apparently has to be done manually, though I’m confused as according to the secretary at the department if you’re going to take thesis you don’t have to enroll for residency anymore.  So that’s something to bring up when I get there, so if there’s adjustments to be done, I can fix things quickly.

So this means two days off work in a row.  All worth it though,  I think.

P.S. It’s payday today, and I was tickled that the salary showed up in my payroll account early today.  And as the BDO and Metrobank branches were close to each other at Vito Cruz Taft, it was an easy matter to withdraw from the BDO ATM, then walk just down the street and deposit the money safely at Metrobank.

P.P.S. Bought a gallon and a half of Magnolia Kesong Puti-flavored ice cream at my sister’s urging.  Well worth it, and the family had it after lunch for dessert. Yum.

Off To Do Important Stuff

May 26, 2013

Overall, today’s shift wasn’t as stressful as I had initially feared, despite the fact that I was the only one of our team to come in today (and usually that’s a huge danger sign).  I suppose the fact that my merchant systems were down again, despite multiple restarts, contributed to that since as a result I was put on membership duties again for the day.

Tomorrow it’s off to school, and see if I can do something about my residency enrollment, never mind the manual enrollment for my thesis on the 27th.  So I guess this means that I’ll miss about two days of work, but it’s all worth it I suppose.  Better get things done now rather than on June, yes.

Have to reactivate my online account for DLSU though.  Now where did I put my receipt from last term?

Oh, and it started raining today, from late afternoon until the early evening.  I guess that means that the seasons are finally turning, but I don’t think Summer’s going to let its hold on the country go so easily.

Needs Over Twitchy Expenditures

May 25, 2013

I paid off some of the bills today, specifically the PLDT combined DSL and phone bill, the Maynilad bill, and deducted a chunk off my VISA credit card’s balance.  So I won’t have to worry about the first two until next m0nth, but the last issue was more or less wasted, as I added to the balance again soon after.  *sigh*

It’s my nephew’s second month-sary, so obviously we had some preparations in mind.  In my case I provided the softdrinks (a pair of 2-liter pet bottles of classic Coca-cola and Zero, respectively), while my brother-in-law saw to the meal, which in this case was four familiy-sized pizza’s (thanks to the pump card of Pizza Hut).  This, on top of some spaghetti that was care of our neighbors (because apparently it was the birthday of one of their kids), meant that there was a whole lot of food on the table, more than what we could finish off. 

And this wasn’t even taking into consideration the rice and monggo that had been prepared for lunch.  It’s no wonder our fridge was full by the time dinner was over.

Tatay came back from the province today, but this time he was a little bummed out, as the job that he went back home to Leyte for never really materialized.  Still it was good to have him back, and right in time for the feast too… Though given his small appetite he didn’t quite contribute to decreasing the food count.

Anyway, here’s to hoping for an okay shift tomorrow, rather than a stressful one.