Dim And Wet

June 30, 2013

Today started with rain.  It wasn’t a huge downpour, but it was enough to force me to take an umbrella to work, on top of my usual hat and jacket.  It didn’t keep me from getting to work on time though, so all was good.  Add to the fact that my merchant systems were conveniently down again, well, this shift at the office was a whole lot less stressful.

It wasn’t raining that hard when I got out, but by the time I got to my neighborhood it was really coming down.  Good thing I got to the house in time.  No flood though, so at least I didn’t get my feet wet.

Didn’t get any typing done. Will have to do something about that.


Slowly Getting Stuff Done

June 29, 2013

It’s not much, but six pages done so far, so technically on track for my submission for next week.  If I can somehow keep the pace with a page a day, well, maybe I can actually get those two chapters out on time, yes?

Nothing much to add about my day however.  Spent most of it in my room, alternatively trying to escape the heat, or playing with my baby nephew downstairs (everyone else relocated downstairs after they woke up in the morning, and stayed in the living room area for most of the day).

Oh, and rain late in the afternoon and early evening, which meant it did nothing in alleviating the heat, and everything in making sure that the internet connection we had would be intermittent at best. 

Trying To Get Things Done For A Change

June 28, 2013

I can’t say that I’ve done three pages worth of writing to submit for the next week, but I’ve had some progress.  It’s close to 3 pages, and if I push I might just get five done.  And I don’t have to go to bed that soon either, as I have about two-odd hours worth of naptime to energize me.  Still, I’ll have to see.

Didn’t really do much other than that.  I did have to go to the supermarket though, to both buy my nephew some diapers, as well as replenish out stock of ramen (which apparently ran out).  I had to withdraw money, but quickly realized that what I withdrew would in no way or form pay for everything I bought (which I eventually carried in a market bag I had brought with me) — two diaper packs (had to get the newborn size, since they weren’t selling anything in small size), two 2-liter bottles of Coca Cola (original and zero), eighteen ramen packs, and 4 bottles of energy drinks.  Had to use one of my credit cards to pay it off, but eh, at least I spent it on food.

Since I had the money I withdrew, I figured to use it for something that the family would like.  In this case, on whole grilled chicken.

Overall it was a good investment.  Quite a bit of good eats for dinner, for sure.

Now, lets see just how much more I can get done while I’m awake.

Hanging On, Caffeine To Blame

June 27, 2013

Kind of surprise how I was able to get through the day, since I literally went to bed at around four in the morning, then got up around five thirty.  Barely even a power nap, really.  One wonders why I didn’t stumble to the office like a shambling zombie, only to collapse at my workstation.  Oh wait, it was because of the drinks I bought at 711.  Anyway it was enough to keep me awake, but the difficulty of the shift was lessened anyway due to the fact that the merchant systems were once again conveniently down.

Went home, but passed on the afternoon nap.  My sister and her baby arrived later in the afternoon, after yet another inoculation.

Ugh, now literally nodding off.  I better listen to my body’s urges this time, if I want to do some writing tomorrow.

I’ve Been Kept Busy

June 26, 2013

You can say that today for me was busier than usual.

My day at work started normally enough.  However as soon as I logged in, the same trouble that seems to be endemic to our systems reared its head again (meaning the relevant merchant programs weren’t accessible).  Since our supervisor and our team coaches weren’t in, I had to ask the help of one of the other supervisors on floor to resolve the issue.  Long story short, I got assigned again to the membership queue again, which helped lessen the stress factor in some respects.

Not everything was fine though.  Apparently Metrobank’s ATM system was down, meaning there was no way for me to withdraw money even via megalink.  This pretty much forced me to walk to Alphaland to have my lunch, as it was the only place in walking distance that had a place (in this case Bon Chon) that accepted credit cards.  I think I got a bit of a tan in the process, though at least I didn’t have to walk the way back, because I somehow had enough coinage left for a jeepney ride back.  Though that meant I had to walk again after my shift at work was done… Yikes.

I didn’t linger at home, only stayed long enough to borrow money from my father (because of the aforementioned Metrobank ATM problem), to pick up my bag with my notes in it.  Then it was off to the university for my mentorship session.  Felt worried on the way, something that wasn’t help by the fact that the LRT I rode was packed like those old-style sardines my father always reminisces about.

The session itself was quick and concise, and despite my misgivings, honest and fair.  We sort of universally decided the specfic setting had to be ditched (though I can use it for another work), and that the project itself would be a little autobiographical in nature, like many first novels are apparently.  Might be a good way to exorcise personal demons through prose, you know?  Not a hundred percent autobiographical of course (a fifty-fifty blend perhaps), but the core conflict is preserved.  Going to have to do a quick rewrite for the proposal presentation though, so who knows how that will go.  Need to have something, maybe two chapter’s worth, by two weeks. 

No pressure, right?

Might Have Been Worse Off

June 25, 2013

In some ways today’s shift at work might have become a disaster had things not happened as they did.  For one think, I was technically the only one of the team on-duty for some reason.  That alone would have caused a lot of headaches already, especially when you recall that Tuesday shifts were usually the ones where the heavies call volumes in the week happened.  It’s a good thing one of the morning shift people pulled in rest-day overtime, so there were two of us taking in calls.  It made things bearable, in a way, as even if one of us went on break the queue wouldn’t go unattended.

Then of course there was the fact that my merchant software was down again.  This meant that I was thankfully set to take in only membership calls, which even though it experienced the occasional spike in the queue (around nine and another at around noon), still had significantly fewer calls.  Still not enough to properly take a nap though.

Aside from that, boy was it hot this afternoon again.  It was like summer, except without the cloying humidity that came with it.  It made me immediately crave the airconditioning in my room.

Oh, and I’m going to drop by the university tomorrow for the mentorship session.  Not looking forward to it, as it’ll likely skewer the submission I sent in at the start of the week, plus reveal that I might not be ready even for the submission of a proposal.  Ugh.

It’s The Waiting That Makes It Worse

June 24, 2013

Although I took the time off work for the mentorship meeting, my mentor didn’t show up anyway because apparently it was… a holiday?  Anyway, this means our meeting was moved to Wednesday, though I can’t say that I’m happy.  As the title of the post states, waiting for the mentor’s feedback just gives me more time to conjure all sorts of nightmare scenarios about his reaction to my submission, all of them pretty bad.  And there’s really no getting around it, my submission was just that: terrible.  Like all first drafts are.

Ugh.  I’m already expecting the critique to sting.  And what’s worse, I have a month until the submission of the thesis proposal.  Which is obviously going to have a problem when the “sample” that’s supposed to go with it is bad.


And to top things off, I had one of my worst days in World of Tanks in recent memory.  I don’t know.  It’s pretty much a distraction at this point, so maybe I’m better off uninstalling it for a month.