Dim And Wet

Today started with rain.  It wasn't a huge downpour, but it was enough to force me to take an umbrella to work, on top of my usual hat and jacket.  It didn't keep me from getting to work on time though, so all was good.  Add to the fact that my merchant systems were conveniently … Continue reading Dim And Wet

Slowly Getting Stuff Done

It's not much, but six pages done so far, so technically on track for my submission for next week.  If I can somehow keep the pace with a page a day, well, maybe I can actually get those two chapters out on time, yes? Nothing much to add about my day however.  Spent most of … Continue reading Slowly Getting Stuff Done

Trying To Get Things Done For A Change

I can't say that I've done three pages worth of writing to submit for the next week, but I've had some progress.  It's close to 3 pages, and if I push I might just get five done.  And I don't have to go to bed that soon either, as I have about two-odd hours worth … Continue reading Trying To Get Things Done For A Change

Hanging On, Caffeine To Blame

Kind of surprise how I was able to get through the day, since I literally went to bed at around four in the morning, then got up around five thirty.  Barely even a power nap, really.  One wonders why I didn't stumble to the office like a shambling zombie, only to collapse at my workstation.  … Continue reading Hanging On, Caffeine To Blame

I’ve Been Kept Busy

You can say that today for me was busier than usual. My day at work started normally enough.  However as soon as I logged in, the same trouble that seems to be endemic to our systems reared its head again (meaning the relevant merchant programs weren't accessible).  Since our supervisor and our team coaches weren't … Continue reading I’ve Been Kept Busy

Might Have Been Worse Off

In some ways today's shift at work might have become a disaster had things not happened as they did.  For one think, I was technically the only one of the team on-duty for some reason.  That alone would have caused a lot of headaches already, especially when you recall that Tuesday shifts were usually the … Continue reading Might Have Been Worse Off

It’s The Waiting That Makes It Worse

Although I took the time off work for the mentorship meeting, my mentor didn't show up anyway because apparently it was... a holiday?  Anyway, this means our meeting was moved to Wednesday, though I can't say that I'm happy.  As the title of the post states, waiting for the mentor's feedback just gives me more … Continue reading It’s The Waiting That Makes It Worse