It’s Monday, Nothing To See

August 5, 2013

As it is with Mondays, today’s start to the week was no different.  It was extremely laid back, though again I wasn’t able to take advantage of all that extra avail time in between calls for napping.  Oh, and it was sunny for a change, but a little too sunny this time.  Way too hot to even start walking to and from the office.

Apparently it’s enrollment yet again for us post-grad students.  Had to reserve Wednesday and Thursday as a Leave of Absence, as those who’re on the Thesis phase of the program have to personally go to the department and apply for enrollment, as it’s not possible to do so online.

Oh, and the box from the US arrived today, and my sister and cousin are currently taking out its contents and categorizing them for better storage.  The large packs of iced tea are always welcome, for sure, though as usual there were clothes and bags for my sister to sell.

I might be turning in early tonight, in prep for tomorrow, as well as because I honestly am feeling tired right now.  Ugh

P.S. My PC’s been suffering really bad stalling over the week, and I’m worried if the motherboard is starting to show symptoms of being on its final legs.  It’s only become a problem when I use Firefox though, where it would freeze (forcing me to hard-reboot), but aside from that the thing’s also started to shut down on its own after being left alone for a while.

Oddly enough the random stalling also happens whenever I play World of Tanks, and this has never happened before on that (to the point where it makes Skyrim seem stable).  Makes me wonder if something got corrupted when I patched over to version 8.7.  Looks like an uninstall and clean re-install without the mods has to be done to see if it is indeed something about the game client itself.


I Suppose You Could Call It Okay

August 4, 2013

Rather than another stressful Sunday shift, it was unexpectedly laid back, due to the fact that the merchant system went down for everyone .  So we pretty much were stuck giving downtime spiels for the merchant queue for the duration, while we focused on the membership queue.  The former obviously will result in a whole lot of angry store reps and customers trying to pay for their merchandise via checks, so… Let’s see the fallout of that tomorrow.

It started raining sometime after lunch, and didn’t quite let up until maybe 4 in the afternoon.  That meant that I got a little wet, as it was still pouring when I got out, and I didn’t bring my umbrella with me.  Good thing there were trees  used for shade, plus it didn’t take that long for me to catch a ride in a passing jeep.

Really have to cut down on eating at this point, but when I’m stressed out, I tend to over-eat.  Ugh.  One of these days I’ll hit the gym again, but only after I pay off all my bills.  

Another Week, Another Bit Forward

August 1, 2013

Somehow managed to get to work a bit early today, though that didn’t seem to do much good, my merchant systems were down.  And I wasn’t the only one affected too, which left all but one agent on the floor unable to even assist the huge merchant queue that had formed as a result.  As we weren’t allowed to give out the downtime spiel, we were forced to keep on restarting Citrix, in the hope of landing in a remote server where the merchant programs were functioning.  After all, if two out of ten agents had said programs working, then it couldn’t be that bad right?

Well easier said than done, after several restarts and more than an hour of this, workforce seemed to realize that there was nothing it could do but allow us to use downtime spiels.  So it did, and the queue quickly vanished.

We used the downtime spiels until maybe around an hour before noon, when the system issue sort of resolved itself in the background.  This meant that we could use our merchant systems again, but at that point it didn’t matter, as the merchant calls petered out to nothing.

Paid off the phone/internet and Maynilad water bills on the way back from office.  It got very dark at one point, but no rain this time.