It’s Monday, Nothing To See

As it is with Mondays, today's start to the week was no different.  It was extremely laid back, though again I wasn't able to take advantage of all that extra avail time in between calls for napping.  Oh, and it was sunny for a change, but a little too sunny this time.  Way too hot … Continue reading It’s Monday, Nothing To See

I Suppose You Could Call It Okay

Rather than another stressful Sunday shift, it was unexpectedly laid back, due to the fact that the merchant system went down for everyone .  So we pretty much were stuck giving downtime spiels for the merchant queue for the duration, while we focused on the membership queue.  The former obviously will result in a whole … Continue reading I Suppose You Could Call It Okay

Another Week, Another Bit Forward

Somehow managed to get to work a bit early today, though that didn't seem to do much good, my merchant systems were down.  And I wasn't the only one affected too, which left all but one agent on the floor unable to even assist the huge merchant queue that had formed as a result.  As … Continue reading Another Week, Another Bit Forward