Always A Slow Start

September 30, 2013

It’s Monday, so it’s kind of expected.  In fact, aside from the fact that my merchant systems were still inaccessible, the day was pretty much routine, as far as Mondays go.  This meant long avail times, and a whole lot of idle things to do in between calls.

Kind of a shame that I wasn’t able to nap as much as I wanted to, but I did that when I finally got home.  And there were pancakes to be had, so I suppose that was good as well.


Starting The Day On The Wrong Set (Of Sneakers)

September 29, 2013

I blame the fact that I was so in a rush this morning that I noticed that I was wearing a mismatched set of sneakers only after I decided to take off my shoes once I got to the office, as per habit.  This is also partly due to the fact that they’re both mostly white, and what’s more, have the same kind of easy-to-slip-on style that made it easy to miss. 

Needless to say, I spent the rest of the workday trying to draw as little attention as possible to my shoes.

My merchant system was down again today, but rather than just a simple code 117 error (meaning that the transmission of information keeps on timing out even before it reaches the verification server) this time I couldn’t even get into the log-in server for it.  And since I wasn’t allowed to be set on just the membership queue, this meant that I spent half of the day giving the system downtime spiel to an increasingly frustrated number of cashiers.

Another thing that greeted me was, apparently, a written warning about my tardies for the month of September.  They were legitimate lates, according to what I was able to poke around in workforce scheduling, but the numbers were exacerbated by me being forced to keep on restarting my Citrix remote server just to get a functioning merchant system (as at the time our bosses see-sawed between simply taking us off the queue, and just trying until we get a server that had a functioning merchant program), and only logging in after the fact.

Took a walk to the station after the shift was done, rather than take the jeep.  While it was sunny, there was a brisk and cool wind blowing through Paseo de Roxas, so it was a comfortable stroll for a change.  I had a 2-hour nap as soon as I got home, but it was off to church as soon as I woke up late afternoon.

I didn’t come home immediately after church, and took a detour to Ayala.  I ate out at a restaurant I didn’t try before, but as I was waiting for my order, it suddenly hit me how I was at a nice restaurant on a weekend, but alone. 

While I didn’t outwardly show it, inwardly I was bawling my eyes out at how pathetic, and more importantly, lonely, it was.

Nothing Really Compelling

September 28, 2013

It’s a weekend, which means that I’m going to have a hard time finding anything worthwhile to share.  If I wasn’t in front of the PC, I was either lying down on the bed, reading or just plain dozing.  Typical for me, I suppose.

The only thing that comes to mind is how my father somehow dug up my sister’s PSP, as well as what seemed to be a small digital camcorder/camera made by polaroid.  The latter worked out, but we couldn’t really test out the PSP, as not only was its battery dead, apparently my sister misplaced the charger a long time ago.  Drat.

And thats it I guess. Here’s to hoping that tomorrow sees everyone who’s supposed to come in, well, actually come in.  Seriously don’t want to see my Sunday end up in stressed-fueled annoyance.

Another Day Of Nothing

September 27, 2013

Typical weekend really, with the only real difference is that, after waking up, the order of business was to do the laundry.  Luckily, by th time I went downstairs, tatay had done part of the work (which is to say, put the white and colored laundry in the vats of soapy water).  I started on the white laundry first, lathering and scrubbing out each in turn with soap, before moving on to the colored laundry.  The latter was a bit harder, as it included all our blue jeans, which got heavy when wet, but after an hour or so and a good bit of armwork, I managed to get that done as well. With my part of the chores accomplished, it was back to my room, where I spent the rest of the day half-dozing, and half-reading.

Yeah, it was pretty lazy, but it is my day off after all.  Can’t expect much excitement from it.

And Here Again At The End Of Another Week

September 26, 2013

Somehow managed to survive another workweek, but I’m not really feeling happy, as I took a hard look at the savings I have left.  By my estimate, it should be enough to see me through until next payday, but it’s really a sad state I’ve been reduced to.  Counting the days until I get paid I mean, and trying to not starve in between.  Ugh.  And whats worse about this is the fact that the MRT stations are now playing Christmas carols.  Thanks for reminding me that I’m likely going to have a very lean holiday season!

Nothing much to share aside from that.  Yes, it’s one of those really slow days.  Walked to the MRT station today, since it was cloudy enough to do so, but without any accompanying rain for a change.

Oh, tatay wants me to come with him and visit my sister’s new house, since I’ve never gone there and all.  Tempting as it may be (especially when you throw in my nephew into the equation), I’d rather just use tomorrow to rest up, at least.  There’s always Saturday for a visit, after all.

Raining On My Payday

September 25, 2013

It’s payday once again, but as usual I wasn’t really able to enjoy it, especially in the aftermath of my enrollment.  That’s a lot of card debt on one card, and while before it was just a minor worry, the fact that I added around eleven thousand pesos on top of the pre-existing ten thousand I needed to pay off turned it into a major concern.  Ugh.  Anyway, around four thousand pesos of the six thousand and seven hundred I got this cut-off went directly to deducting the debt on my VISA card, as well as paying off the phone and internet bill.  Really annoyed about the latter, and again, I will seriously be ticked off if there’s no adjustment come the October billing period.

Although it didn’t rain at the start of the shift, it began to pour around midmorning, stopped for a while around lunchtime, then started up again after noon before vanishing altogether by the time the shift ended.

Pretty much collapsed into bed once I got home.  Felt so drained, really.

Rained Out Again

September 24, 2013

It seems to be a fact of life now that if there’s even a hint of strong rain with accompanying wind, there’s a high chance that we’d lose the internet connection at home.  It’s annoying, but it’s exactly what happened over the past two days.  Thankfully that was the only thing that made my blood pressure spike, as the rain itself was somewhat manageable (no flooding, and a good bit of the downpour on Sunday was mitigated by bringing an umbrella with me to the office).  Plus as a result of the rains, the evenings have been pretty cool.  A little too cool in fact, and at times I’ve had to turn off the electric fan just to avoid shivering.

Paid off my tuition fee today, but since I didn’t have any infusion of cash from my parents, I had to use my Mastercard to make the payment.  With that though, I think I managed to increase my card debt to untenable levels.  At this point, there’s little hope of me paying off both the VISA and Mastercard charges even with my 13th Month bonus, and that’s still a bit off.  As it is, half of my pay already goes into paying my credit card debt, on top of whatever household bill I also happen to be handling at the moment (this time its the phone bill again).  Ugh.  It’s going to be a lean Christmas season, for sure.

Speaking of the phone bill, still no adjustment for the 3+ weeks we were out of phone and internet service.  I swear, if there’s still no adjustment when October’s billing cycle rolls along, I’m going to blow a fuse.