Always A Slow Start

It's Monday, so it's kind of expected.  In fact, aside from the fact that my merchant systems were still inaccessible, the day was pretty much routine, as far as Mondays go.  This meant long avail times, and a whole lot of idle things to do in between calls. Kind of a shame that I wasn't … Continue reading Always A Slow Start

Starting The Day On The Wrong Set (Of Sneakers)

I blame the fact that I was so in a rush this morning that I noticed that I was wearing a mismatched set of sneakers only after I decided to take off my shoes once I got to the office, as per habit.  This is also partly due to the fact that they're both mostly … Continue reading Starting The Day On The Wrong Set (Of Sneakers)

Nothing Really Compelling

It's a weekend, which means that I'm going to have a hard time finding anything worthwhile to share.  If I wasn't in front of the PC, I was either lying down on the bed, reading or just plain dozing.  Typical for me, I suppose. The only thing that comes to mind is how my father … Continue reading Nothing Really Compelling

Another Day Of Nothing

Typical weekend really, with the only real difference is that, after waking up, the order of business was to do the laundry.  Luckily, by th time I went downstairs, tatay had done part of the work (which is to say, put the white and colored laundry in the vats of soapy water).  I started on … Continue reading Another Day Of Nothing

And Here Again At The End Of Another Week

Somehow managed to survive another workweek, but I'm not really feeling happy, as I took a hard look at the savings I have left.  By my estimate, it should be enough to see me through until next payday, but it's really a sad state I've been reduced to.  Counting the days until I get paid … Continue reading And Here Again At The End Of Another Week

Raining On My Payday

It's payday once again, but as usual I wasn't really able to enjoy it, especially in the aftermath of my enrollment.  That's a lot of card debt on one card, and while before it was just a minor worry, the fact that I added around eleven thousand pesos on top of the pre-existing ten thousand … Continue reading Raining On My Payday

Rained Out Again

It seems to be a fact of life now that if there's even a hint of strong rain with accompanying wind, there's a high chance that we'd lose the internet connection at home.  It's annoying, but it's exactly what happened over the past two days.  Thankfully that was the only thing that made my blood … Continue reading Rained Out Again

And Its Finally Done

Somehow, I managed to finish it after all. There's quite a story behind this one, but suffice to say this has been on my mind ever since TES V: Skyrim came out, and that was a LONG time ago. The preliminary sketches (posted below) actually date to that time, but I was only able to … Continue reading And Its Finally Done

A Little Too Idle

That kind of sums up my experiences today.  Just sitting around and doing nothing.  Typical for the first day of my weekend, I suppose.  Just squeeze in as much sleep or hobby-related stuff as I could, add in some gaming, and what you get... is the sad picture of a single 30-something on the way … Continue reading A Little Too Idle

Shouldn’t Have Worried Myself Over It

Aside from a particular incident, there's very little to differentiate today's shift at work from the usual end to my work week.  That is to say, I got to work, took a while getting the system up, and after discovering that my merchant system wasn't functioning again, had myself taken off the queue. As for … Continue reading Shouldn’t Have Worried Myself Over It