Raining On My Payday

It’s payday once again, but as usual I wasn’t really able to enjoy it, especially in the aftermath of my enrollment.  That’s a lot of card debt on one card, and while before it was just a minor worry, the fact that I added around eleven thousand pesos on top of the pre-existing ten thousand I needed to pay off turned it into a major concern.  Ugh.  Anyway, around four thousand pesos of the six thousand and seven hundred I got this cut-off went directly to deducting the debt on my VISA card, as well as paying off the phone and internet bill.  Really annoyed about the latter, and again, I will seriously be ticked off if there’s no adjustment come the October billing period.

Although it didn’t rain at the start of the shift, it began to pour around midmorning, stopped for a while around lunchtime, then started up again after noon before vanishing altogether by the time the shift ended.

Pretty much collapsed into bed once I got home.  Felt so drained, really.


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