Another Day Of Nothing

Typical weekend really, with the only real difference is that, after waking up, the order of business was to do the laundry.  Luckily, by th time I went downstairs, tatay had done part of the work (which is to say, put the white and colored laundry in the vats of soapy water).  I started on the white laundry first, lathering and scrubbing out each in turn with soap, before moving on to the colored laundry.  The latter was a bit harder, as it included all our blue jeans, which got heavy when wet, but after an hour or so and a good bit of armwork, I managed to get that done as well. With my part of the chores accomplished, it was back to my room, where I spent the rest of the day half-dozing, and half-reading.

Yeah, it was pretty lazy, but it is my day off after all.  Can’t expect much excitement from it.


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