Starting The Day On The Wrong Set (Of Sneakers)

I blame the fact that I was so in a rush this morning that I noticed that I was wearing a mismatched set of sneakers only after I decided to take off my shoes once I got to the office, as per habit.  This is also partly due to the fact that they’re both mostly white, and what’s more, have the same kind of easy-to-slip-on style that made it easy to miss. 

Needless to say, I spent the rest of the workday trying to draw as little attention as possible to my shoes.

My merchant system was down again today, but rather than just a simple code 117 error (meaning that the transmission of information keeps on timing out even before it reaches the verification server) this time I couldn’t even get into the log-in server for it.  And since I wasn’t allowed to be set on just the membership queue, this meant that I spent half of the day giving the system downtime spiel to an increasingly frustrated number of cashiers.

Another thing that greeted me was, apparently, a written warning about my tardies for the month of September.  They were legitimate lates, according to what I was able to poke around in workforce scheduling, but the numbers were exacerbated by me being forced to keep on restarting my Citrix remote server just to get a functioning merchant system (as at the time our bosses see-sawed between simply taking us off the queue, and just trying until we get a server that had a functioning merchant program), and only logging in after the fact.

Took a walk to the station after the shift was done, rather than take the jeep.  While it was sunny, there was a brisk and cool wind blowing through Paseo de Roxas, so it was a comfortable stroll for a change.  I had a 2-hour nap as soon as I got home, but it was off to church as soon as I woke up late afternoon.

I didn’t come home immediately after church, and took a detour to Ayala.  I ate out at a restaurant I didn’t try before, but as I was waiting for my order, it suddenly hit me how I was at a nice restaurant on a weekend, but alone. 

While I didn’t outwardly show it, inwardly I was bawling my eyes out at how pathetic, and more importantly, lonely, it was.


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