Oddest Mall Visit In A While

My shift was pretty standard, so I won't talk about that today.  However I will talk about the visit to Glorietta that I did do after my shift ended.  First off was the fact that, well, there were a whole lot of kids in costumes (along with their rather harried-looking parents) everywhere, with the pumpkin … Continue reading Oddest Mall Visit In A While

Experiencing A Drop In Motivation

Still feeling depressed about what seems to be a waste in both tuition and a whole academic term.  Can't even muster up the motivation to watch my calories today, though I did finally manage to finish off the requirements for the annual physical exam, as well as the backlog of regulatory university stuff I needed … Continue reading Experiencing A Drop In Motivation

Not Feeling It Anymore

The fact that my mentor dropped me like a old bag of potatoes has really been weighing on me... Well, at least as much as my own bulk right now.  You see, today's apparently our annual physical exam, and I went to take my turn immediately after the shift ended.  The fact that I was … Continue reading Not Feeling It Anymore

Didn’t Expect That

Apparently my mentor dropped me like a hot potato, and on the eve of the submission of the Thesis Proposal defense application too.  I'm kind of stunned by this, as this pretty much means that I paid my tuition... for nothing. Emailed the academic adviser about this, but I'm certainly left stunned by this turn … Continue reading Didn’t Expect That

Thoroughly Stuffed In More Ways Than One

There are certainly downsides to living with my father, one of which is how he seems to love randomly giving me sermons.  This time around, he laid it into me while I was watching some anime I downloaded last night how I should start trying to make money out of my hobbies.  As per habit, … Continue reading Thoroughly Stuffed In More Ways Than One

Personal Ironies, Leyte Gulf, and KanColle

For those who worry about these type of things, today is part of the four-day anniversary of the Battle of Leyte Gulf, the series of sea battles that spelt the end of the Imperial Japanese Navy as an effective fighting force, and paved the way for the eventual retaking of the island of Luzon by … Continue reading Personal Ironies, Leyte Gulf, and KanColle

Really Reaching For Things

Actually the title of the entry refers to the fact that, well, I'm at a loss at what to share today.  Nothing really happened at the office, and everything was working for a change, and what's more everyone in the team actually came in.  It was as close to a normal (and surprisingly relaxed!) day … Continue reading Really Reaching For Things