Oddest Mall Visit In A While

October 31, 2013

My shift was pretty standard, so I won’t talk about that today.  However I will talk about the visit to Glorietta that I did do after my shift ended.  First off was the fact that, well, there were a whole lot of kids in costumes (along with their rather harried-looking parents) everywhere, with the pumpkin buckets in hand.  Now in the US you’d probably see kids like these going from house to house, but in this case, they were apparently going from one swank establishment to another.  It was a strange transposition of a Western tradition over the local milieu, for sure.  

I’m not sure whether these kids (or their parents for that matter) even know about the history of All Hallow’s Eve either.  In any case, I doubt they’d care, as it’s an opportunity to fleece candy from store attendants, right? 

On other issues… It’s all Saint’s Day tomorrow. It’s kind of strange to be spending one at home for a change, as in the previous years I always had work during those two holidays.  


Experiencing A Drop In Motivation

October 30, 2013

Still feeling depressed about what seems to be a waste in both tuition and a whole academic term.  Can’t even muster up the motivation to watch my calories today, though I did finally manage to finish off the requirements for the annual physical exam, as well as the backlog of regulatory university stuff I needed to finish.

Oh, and apparently since I’ve somehow managed to stay three years in the company, I got a commemorative (laminated glass!) plaque from the US, as well as a carabener-style keychain.  Still had to lug the package box along with me when I went back home, which meant opening it up when I got to the MRT station.  So awkward.

Not really feeling up for anything right now, so maybe I’ll just call it a night. 

Not Feeling It Anymore

October 29, 2013

The fact that my mentor dropped me like a old bag of potatoes has really been weighing on me… Well, at least as much as my own bulk right now.  You see, today’s apparently our annual physical exam, and I went to take my turn immediately after the shift ended.  The fact that I was about 30 pounds overweight was smacked in my face… Yeah, that’s how badly I’ve let myself go.

 Really have to watch myself now, if I want to halt this downward spiral, but given how down I’m feeling after that academic news, it’s going to be really hard not to binge.

Have to drop by the HR tomorrow.  Apparently they need stool samples as well, but I wasn’t able to provide any today (as for some reason they didn’t have any containers for it at the test site).

Father and I had a fight again as usual.  He decided to “clean out” my drawer, and basically made a mess of the room, leaving much of the stuff that was in those drawers to “throw out”… Including the unfinished 40k models I had there.  One thing led to another, and he once again raised the issue of making money off one’s hobbies.  So I laid it into him.  It wasn’t pretty, but sadly less than an hour later he was acting like nothing happened. Typical.  

At least I was able to get back all those unfinished Space Marine models and their sprues, sheesh.

Didn’t Expect That

October 28, 2013

Apparently my mentor dropped me like a hot potato, and on the eve of the submission of the Thesis Proposal defense application too.  I’m kind of stunned by this, as this pretty much means that I paid my tuition… for nothing.

Emailed the academic adviser about this, but I’m certainly left stunned by this turn of events.  Urgh.  Now what will I do?

In other words, as it was the barangay elections, it was like a Sunday for the most part.  That meant few people (and vehicles!) on the streets during the morning and after work.

Wasn’t able to vote though, as I knew I wasn’t in the register anymore. Might have to think of re-registering next year.

Thoroughly Stuffed In More Ways Than One

October 26, 2013

There are certainly downsides to living with my father, one of which is how he seems to love randomly giving me sermons.  This time around, he laid it into me while I was watching some anime I downloaded last night how I should start trying to make money out of my hobbies.  As per habit, I just tuned him out, and focused on more important things… Like preparing to leave for my nephew’s baptism.  All the while listening to him nag about how I shouldn’t waste my time despite the fact that the baptism itself was like two and a half hours away. 

Yeah, our relationship is like that.

Eventually we were on our way to Quezon City to where my sister lived at NPC.  It really didn’t take that long (barely an hour really), so as usual it was my father being an old stick-in-the-mud again.  As for the baptism itself, it went pretty quickly, and it did help that it was a weekend and the church was within walking distance.  We returned to their house for about thirty minutes, then it was off to the place they’d reserve for the post-baptismal feast… Which turned out to be a Baliwag’s Lechon restaurant.

Needless to say, it was a heavy feast, though the celebrant in question pretty much slept through most of it.  There was a bit of a happy surprise though, as one of our cousins (and her eldest child) managed to make it, despite apparently having been sent on a runaround by her GPS and being stuck in traffic for a bit.  There was some catching-up of course, but eventually the question of when it would be my turn came up like clockwork.

I decided not to answer to that. 

Oh, and through the photos taken, it’s plain to see how much I’ve let myself go.  I swear, when I clear away most of my debt, it’s back to the gym for me for heavy-duty exercise.  I swear it.

After everything was said and done, and the take-home bags prepared, it was back home for us.  My father and I hitched a ride on our cousin’s car (she was heading home to Merville) up to Camp Crame, at which point the two of us got off and rode the MRT the rest of the way.

And yes, we were so full that both of us decided to pass on dinner, and contented ourselves with some water instead.  Ugh.

P.S. Final submission of thesis defense applications on Tuesday, so I have to meet my mentor on Monday to get his signature.  So it begins.

Personal Ironies, Leyte Gulf, and KanColle

October 25, 2013

For those who worry about these type of things, today is part of the four-day anniversary of the Battle of Leyte Gulf, the series of sea battles that spelt the end of the Imperial Japanese Navy as an effective fighting force, and paved the way for the eventual retaking of the island of Luzon by proving the US forces a beachhead in the provinces of Samar and Leyte.  Specifically, today covers two segments of the greater battle: the Battle off Samar, where a smaller force composed of destroyers and escort carriers (codenamed Taffy 3) drove a qualitatively superior IJN fleet which, among other things, included the supperbattleship Yamato, and a throng of heavy cruisers; and the Battle of Surigao Straight, which historians count as one of the last battleship to battleship engagements in modern history, with the US forces successfully crossed the T of the hapless admiral Nishimura’s forces.

I’m not normally one to think about anniversaries of World War 2 battles, but this one in particular (and the retaking of Leyte in general) is kind of personal, as my father’s side of the family hails from Leyte, specifically Ormoc.  We’re quite sure that he, as the eldest of his family, was already around during the Battle of Ormoc bay (it’s kind of an inside-joke in the family about how, despite “officially” being listed as born in 1946, he really was born in 1943, but the former date stuck because the original birth certificate got destroyed along with the Census office during the retaking of Ormoc), but as with everything about his early life, he’s been pretty close-lipped about it.  

Same goes with both his parents.  The most I could get out of him was a shrug, and a crack about how, as civilians, lola and lola didn’t have war stories to share.  And he kind of doubted that stories about how they escaped to the mountains (the area where the Geothermal plant now is located) and lived on kamote while waiting out the fighting between the Americans and the Japanese, would be interesting.

The irony comes in, of course, in the present day, with myself being a fan of Japanese-created media, playing a browser game based on moe personifications of many of the ships that sunk during the Battle of Leyte Gulf.  And to pile on more ironies, some of my highest-leveled ships just happened to be part of Admiral Nishimura’s ill-fated fleet at Surigao Straight: Fuso, Yamashiro, Mogami, and Shigure.  See the screenshot below to see what I mean:

From Top Left to Bottom Right: Battleship Fuso, Battleship Yamashiro, Aviation Cruiser Mogami, Destroyer Shigure

From Top Left to Bottom Right: Battleship Fuso, Battleship Yamashiro, Aviation Cruiser Mogami, Destroyer Shigure

Funny how things worked out, as Yamashiro and Fuso where the first battleships I got in the game.

Now imagine her being TORN IN HALF, which was the fate of the real-life Fuso during the Battle of Surigao Straight.

Now imagine her being TORN IN HALF, which was the fate of the real-life Fuso during the Battle of Surigao Straight.

As for things unrelated to history or KanColle… Well, it’s payday today, though that meant that a significant chunk of my salary went into paying off some bills as usual. Specifically, the Maynilad water bill, the PLDT bill (which I grudgingly did), as well as a 2000-peso deduction to my VISA card debt.  What remained (about three thousand pesos worth), went into my savings as usual.

Didn’t go home straight after that, as I was aware that the internet still wasn’t up, so I killed two hours at an internet shop doing some idle browsing.  After my time was up, I went back home, and took a later afternoon nap as per practice.  And hey, when I woke up, we had net access again, so it was sort of fine.

Tomorrow is my nephew’s baptism, but we still haven’t received any message from my sister what time we’re supposed to show up.  Tatay expects it to be early anyway, so this means waking up early and heading off to Quezon City.  Should be fun, as I’ve never visited their new house yet.

Really Reaching For Things

October 24, 2013

Actually the title of the entry refers to the fact that, well, I’m at a loss at what to share today.  Nothing really happened at the office, and everything was working for a change, and what’s more everyone in the team actually came in.  It was as close to a normal (and surprisingly relaxed!) day at work as I’d thought possible.

Apparently internet is back at the house, though I did give PLDT a call again to follow up on the adjustment I’ve been requesting.  Hopefully they don’t sit on their arses for that one.

Oh, and it’s payday tomorrow.  How time flies.  Kind of annoyed how I’m going to have to pre-emptively deduct from it to pay off the PLDT bill (which we shouldn’t even be paying this month had the adjustment gone through), as well as another payment for the VISA credit card.  Buh.  At least thanks to what my mother sent me my savings will be over 10k for the first time in a long while.

As for tomorrow?  Withdrawal of pay aside, there’s also the fact that it’s my nephew’s baptism this Saturday, so going to set aside some money for that too.