Letting One For The Other

Feeling under the weather tonight, so I’m going to have to make my recollections for the day brief.  The day at the office was pretty mundane, at least as far as Tuesdays go.  My merchant systems were down again, but this time it was a code 117 rather than being completely locked out of the merchant processes.  Wasn’t allowed off the merchant queue though, so whenever I got a merchant call, I had to use the downtime spiel again.

While the day started out sunny enough, it darkened around midmorning, then started to rain after that.  The downpour didn’t last past lunchtime however, so by the time the shift ended it was sunny again, though there was still enough cloud cover to make the walk to the station bearable.

It rained late in the afternoon, but by the time it didn’t matter, as I was back at home by then.


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