Holidays And Disasters

It was apparently a holiday today.  The first sign was the fact that the streets were strangely empty of people, which also meant that there were fewer jeepneys plying the route to the office than I would have liked.  Still managed to make it on time, but it reminded me more of a weekend than your typical Tuesday in the city.

As for the shift, suffice to say that it started with everyone giving out downtime spiels, as apparently merchant services were down center-wide.  This eventually gave way to me and another member of the team being fully shifted over to membership, as our systems never went back to normal.  It made the workday a whole lot less stressful than usual for a Tuesday.

After the shift, I walked back to the station as usual.  The sun was up in force, but it wasn’t that hot as to be unbearable.  Treated myself to some soft cream once I got to Alphaland, as I always wanted to try the tea-flavored ice cream at the Family Mart outlet there.

And then I get home to find out that a good deal of Bohol island and the area around it just suffered a massive magnitude 7.2 earthquake.  My father was especially dismayed, as apparently the hundreds-year old church that he and my sister took a picture at during their trip the other year was one of the structures that got pretty much demolished by the tremblor.  The place around Carmen is pretty much a disaster area, and what’s worse, there’s no power there too.

Can’t really offer much right now but prayers, but to those out there who CAN help the people of Bohol, Cebu, and other affected provinces, directly, please do so.


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