Not Too Hard To Offset

I wouldn’t say that today started on a bad note, but it definitely could have been better.  While I arrived on time at the office, I was welcomed by the fact that I was the only member of the morning team that came in.  That right there was a migraine waiting to happen, so it was a bit of a relief that I had trouble logging in and immediately ran into merchant program problems. 

Since I was the only member of the merchant crew that was in so far, I was allowed to go on System Issues while I restarted repeatedly to find a remote server that had a functioning merchant suite.  That bought me around forty or so minutes, but eventually I landed in a server with all the programs functioning, so I had to log in.  It was a good thing too, as the queue quieted down a bit by that point. 

Well, relatively anyway.

Another member of the team came in an hour later, but by that point the queue was undergoing its usual lulls and spikes.  When the latter happened it was obviously annoying, but at least by around mid-morning things started to really slow down.

Ended the shift without much incident.  While it was sunny once again, it wasn’t that bad that I couldn’t walk to the MRT station.  Plus given the amount of roadwork being done due to Maynilad digging up the street, I figured that it would be better anyway,  At least I’ll be getting some exercise.


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