Mildly Cautious As Always

It’s a Tuesday shift, so as per habit I came into work slightly guarded, as normally this is the busiest day of the workweek.  I was feeling a bit better than usual though, as I was able to get a full-night’s sleep.  The fact that our internet went down during the afternoon likely contributed to that, as there wasn’t anything distracting me from going to sleep on time.

While I didn’t come in late, I did log in late as usual, as I had to go several restarts just to find a server with a functioning merchant system.  Eventually even our team coach had to concede defeat, and had me taken off the merchant queue (though sometime mid-morning I suddenly found myself answering merchant calls again, so as you’d expect I had to do the downtime spiel again until that was fixed).

Aside from that, nothing much to add, aside from the fact that I dropped by an internet shop on the way home, as apparently my father said that we still didn’t have internet  when I called at the end of the shift.  When I finally got home though, it turns out that we did have internet already, so I just chalk it up to my father’s propensity to assume stuff when it doesn’t directly involve him.

Oh, that and we had pancakes again.  Apparently my father will keep on cooking pancakes every afternoon until our honey runs out… Which might take a while.


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