Not Really Too Bad

Can’t really say  anything bad about my day at work.  All my systems were up, and despite there only being two of us on the team, the queue wasn’t as bad as you’d expect for the midweek.  That isn’t to say that the queue didn’t get backed up (on the contrary, it happened twice over the morning), but the numbers were manageable, and didn’t even take fifteen minutes to clear.  And once the morning rush was finished, it was more or less as lazy as you could get. 

Heck, I was able to sneak out my cellphone and have it play the ARIA the Origination Piano Collection 2 album.  It was that relaxed.

Received our phone bill today, and when I saw that the promised adjustment for our connection troubles two or so odd payment periods prior still wasn’t applied, I went ballistic. I gave the poor sod on the line a piece of my mind, and let’s just say that I’ll be monitoring this issue very closely.  Having service interruption for nearly a month, and no adjustment?  Can’t let that stand!

Oh, and apparently our internet returned during the afternoon.  It was sporadic when I arrived, but when I woke up from my late afternoon nap it was back up again.  Which is nice, as it would get my father off my back.

Have to constantly remind myself that payday isn’t tomorrow.  Oh well, at least it’s on a Friday.


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