Really Reaching For Things

Actually the title of the entry refers to the fact that, well, I’m at a loss at what to share today.  Nothing really happened at the office, and everything was working for a change, and what’s more everyone in the team actually came in.  It was as close to a normal (and surprisingly relaxed!) day at work as I’d thought possible.

Apparently internet is back at the house, though I did give PLDT a call again to follow up on the adjustment I’ve been requesting.  Hopefully they don’t sit on their arses for that one.

Oh, and it’s payday tomorrow.  How time flies.  Kind of annoyed how I’m going to have to pre-emptively deduct from it to pay off the PLDT bill (which we shouldn’t even be paying this month had the adjustment gone through), as well as another payment for the VISA credit card.  Buh.  At least thanks to what my mother sent me my savings will be over 10k for the first time in a long while.

As for tomorrow?  Withdrawal of pay aside, there’s also the fact that it’s my nephew’s baptism this Saturday, so going to set aside some money for that too.  


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