Thoroughly Stuffed In More Ways Than One

There are certainly downsides to living with my father, one of which is how he seems to love randomly giving me sermons.  This time around, he laid it into me while I was watching some anime I downloaded last night how I should start trying to make money out of my hobbies.  As per habit, I just tuned him out, and focused on more important things… Like preparing to leave for my nephew’s baptism.  All the while listening to him nag about how I shouldn’t waste my time despite the fact that the baptism itself was like two and a half hours away. 

Yeah, our relationship is like that.

Eventually we were on our way to Quezon City to where my sister lived at NPC.  It really didn’t take that long (barely an hour really), so as usual it was my father being an old stick-in-the-mud again.  As for the baptism itself, it went pretty quickly, and it did help that it was a weekend and the church was within walking distance.  We returned to their house for about thirty minutes, then it was off to the place they’d reserve for the post-baptismal feast… Which turned out to be a Baliwag’s Lechon restaurant.

Needless to say, it was a heavy feast, though the celebrant in question pretty much slept through most of it.  There was a bit of a happy surprise though, as one of our cousins (and her eldest child) managed to make it, despite apparently having been sent on a runaround by her GPS and being stuck in traffic for a bit.  There was some catching-up of course, but eventually the question of when it would be my turn came up like clockwork.

I decided not to answer to that. 

Oh, and through the photos taken, it’s plain to see how much I’ve let myself go.  I swear, when I clear away most of my debt, it’s back to the gym for me for heavy-duty exercise.  I swear it.

After everything was said and done, and the take-home bags prepared, it was back home for us.  My father and I hitched a ride on our cousin’s car (she was heading home to Merville) up to Camp Crame, at which point the two of us got off and rode the MRT the rest of the way.

And yes, we were so full that both of us decided to pass on dinner, and contented ourselves with some water instead.  Ugh.

P.S. Final submission of thesis defense applications on Tuesday, so I have to meet my mentor on Monday to get his signature.  So it begins.


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