Always In The Long Shadows Of Those That Came Before

November 30, 2013

Today… didn’t start as planned.  After going to bed later than usual (around 2 AM in fact), I was suddenly woken up from my sleep at around six by my sister unceremoniously putting her baby beside me while plunked herself in front of the desktop to use both the internet and the scanner.  Because my sister is a notorious Facebook hog, unlike myself.  She excused what she did through saying that, since our father’s sore eyes still hadn’t gone away, there was no one else to hold on to the baby.

While the intent was apparently for me to keep the baby busy, what really transpired was me fading in and out of consciousness, with the baby lying between myself and the pillow I was hugging.  It’s a good thing he didn’t make a fuss during the odd hour and a half my sister sat in front of the PC, but that’s likely due to a combination of bemusement at his situation and being able to have a full night’s sleep for a change.  That, and maybe he found my half-conscious face funny too.

When my sister finally finished, and took the baby downstairs with her for his usual bath, there was a short bit of activity on my own part, then I plunked myself once again on the bed, where I went back to sleep.  I didn’t wake up again until well after two-thirty in the afternoon.

Although it wasn’t as much as I’d have liked, I did get some reading done of the reference material I photocopied from the university library last week.  Specifically, it was one of the select entries from Writers and Their Milieu, which focused on interviews with some of the more notable Filipino writers (in English) of the twentieth century.  The entry I read through, by the way, was the transcript of the interview done with Francisco Arcellana.

I found it hard to read, but not due the difficulty of prose (far from it, Mr. Arcellana was very lucid… and talkative), but for the fact that, well, it just made me feel my own inadequacies as a writer.  Here was a guy who could really say that he knew everyone in the writing scene during his time, and not only that could plainly many of the people he worked with, was influenced by, and read of, even during his twilight years (when the interview was done).  

Who am I by comparison?  I can barely remember the names of the people I went to high school with, never mind the teachers who influenced me then.  I know none of the stories published by my peers at DLSU, and haven’t even gotten a single story published to my name.  

It’s… frustrating.


Saturday’s Worth Of Indolence

November 29, 2013

Yeeeeah, those plans I posted last night?  They all went out the window the moment I woke up early, and had to keep the baby company since my father can’t exactly carry the kid, as he still had sore eyes (as my mom kept on reminding him during the video conference this morning).  Suffice to say, the moment my cousin got busy, it was left to me to keep my nephew occupied… Which was kind of hard, as the kid seemed to have a hard time staying still.  I kind of fear now when he learns how to walk, heh.

Aside from that, yeah, little to no reading done.  The baby tired me out, and I think I spent a good chunk of the afternoon knocked out.  I was just so tired.

Lets see if I can make up for it tomorrow.

Getting Into The Weekend Again

November 28, 2013

I managed to somehow survive the end of the workweek, and this time I’m pretty glad that it’s over for now.  Today’s shift, frankly, was hellish, as it was nearly wall-t0-wall Walmart calls.  All those people trying to cash their payroll checks at the same time in order to beat Thanksgiving and Black Friday… Well obviously the system’s bound to break.

It was cloudy enough in the afternoon to give me an excuse to walk to the station again, but the clouds were pretty dark when I got there.  It didn’t start raining until I was close to the house though, so I avoided getting wet.  The rain itself didn’t last long, but when the time came to meet my sister and the baby, I brought an umbrella anyway.

 Got home, and apparently my father’s eye irritation turned into a full-blown case of sore eyes.  He already went to the family doctor, but apparently forgot his senior citizen’s card when the time came to buy the medication needed for it (theramycin).  With the card finally in tow, he tagged along with me when I went out to meet my sister.

My sister and the baby dropped by early this week, but this time around, due to his situation, tatay wouldn’t be able to carry his grandchild for the time being… which meant I was stuck carrying an eight or nine pound baby for the duration.

Now for tomorrow… Well, lots of reading, and maybe a bit of typing is in the cards.

Didn’t Exactly Slept Through It

November 27, 2013

The midweek was pretty mundane, all told.  Well, unless you ignored the fact that I got late for work, but that was entirely my fault this time.  But otherwise, pretty unexciting.  It didn’t even rain, but there was enough cloud cover for me to do my usual walk to the station at the end of my shift.

Since it was Wednesday, obviously the house was empty when I got home.  After I changed into my house clothes, I gave a call to the billing department of PLDT.  I managed to get a rep to talk to, but when said red said that the adjustment I was waiting for would take effect at least January, I went ballistic, and requested an elevation to a supervisor.  It took a while to get one (some twenty minutes really), but when someone picked up I let her have more than a little piece of my mind.

 In the end, she escalated the request, and hopefully I can get an update before the week ends.  Now the wait begins to see whether or not said adjustment actually happens before the year ends…

A Whole Lot Of Boxes Again

November 26, 2013

My work day went pretty well, all things considered.  Didn’t get late, and the rate of calls we received was pretty reasonable for a Tuesday.  Which is why I’m worried for tomorrow’s shift at this rate, as things went a little too well today…

It rained for a bit this morning, but by the time I got out it was pretty sunny again.  Not hot enough to be uncomfortable, so I took that as a chance to do some walking again.

As promised, the package nanay sent from the US arrived on schedule.  How did I know it arrived?  Well for one, our living room was full of unpacked bric-a-brac, and our fridge was stuffed to the brim with all sorts of energy bars and wrapped food.  Sheesh.  It’s no wonder tatay was looking forward to bring a good part of it to Ormoc, if he’s given a chance to do so next month.


Payday Panic

November 25, 2013

I think I actually forgot that it was payday today.  If not for the fact that one of my teammates was moaning about it, it would have slipped my mind entirely.  Great timing too, as the bills for the end of the month had started arriving, including the phone/internet bill that still isn’t showing any adjustment.  Yep, time to give their billing department a piece of my mind.  Again.

As for my day, suffice to say I didn’t get late this time.

There was a bit of a panic at the office, because (for those who could access their online payslips anyway) there still wasn’t any money showing up close to the end of the shift.  That made a whole lot of people worried, but thankfully news that there were funds to be withdrawn came just before we logged out.  The money withdrawn went straight to my savings account soon enough, but I kept some two hundred pesos as photocopying funds, as I was going to drop by the DLSU library for research material.

I stopped by the house briefly to pick up my bag, then it was off to the university.  Found two of the titles I needed soon enough too, but I couldn’t take them out since  I was a post-grad student.  This was where the two hundred pesos came in.  I circumvented the “can’t photocopy a whole book” rule on one of them by not having the liner notes included, and I just chose a sampling of chapters on the other.  Then it was back home.

Those will keep me busy for the week, I think.

Started raining.  Hope it makes the night cool enough to sleep in, as the humidity is a little high for some reason.

Turning In Early

November 24, 2013

As the title says, I’ve decided, against my usual habit, to turn in early, if only to stave off sleep debt that’ll inevitably accumulate over the week.

That aside, somehow managed to get on work on time, though it took some fiddling (and more than a little delaying tactics) to get my systems up and ready to use without Workforce jumping on my case.  Everyone came in though, so the queue was surprisingly manageable.

It was pretty cloudy at the end of the shift, so I decided to walk to the station.  It got pretty dark by the time I got to our neighborhood though, but it only rained now.  Still pretty humid though.

And that’s pretty much it.  Anyway, better make good of that title then, so that’s it for me tonight.