Always In The Long Shadows Of Those That Came Before

Today... didn't start as planned.  After going to bed later than usual (around 2 AM in fact), I was suddenly woken up from my sleep at around six by my sister unceremoniously putting her baby beside me while plunked herself in front of the desktop to use both the internet and the scanner.  Because my … Continue reading Always In The Long Shadows Of Those That Came Before


Saturday’s Worth Of Indolence

Yeeeeah, those plans I posted last night?  They all went out the window the moment I woke up early, and had to keep the baby company since my father can't exactly carry the kid, as he still had sore eyes (as my mom kept on reminding him during the video conference this morning).  Suffice to … Continue reading Saturday’s Worth Of Indolence

Getting Into The Weekend Again

I managed to somehow survive the end of the workweek, and this time I'm pretty glad that it's over for now.  Today's shift, frankly, was hellish, as it was nearly wall-t0-wall Walmart calls.  All those people trying to cash their payroll checks at the same time in order to beat Thanksgiving and Black Friday... Well … Continue reading Getting Into The Weekend Again

Didn’t Exactly Slept Through It

The midweek was pretty mundane, all told.  Well, unless you ignored the fact that I got late for work, but that was entirely my fault this time.  But otherwise, pretty unexciting.  It didn't even rain, but there was enough cloud cover for me to do my usual walk to the station at the end of … Continue reading Didn’t Exactly Slept Through It

A Whole Lot Of Boxes Again

My work day went pretty well, all things considered.  Didn't get late, and the rate of calls we received was pretty reasonable for a Tuesday.  Which is why I'm worried for tomorrow's shift at this rate, as things went a little too well today... It rained for a bit this morning, but by the time I … Continue reading A Whole Lot Of Boxes Again

Payday Panic

I think I actually forgot that it was payday today.  If not for the fact that one of my teammates was moaning about it, it would have slipped my mind entirely.  Great timing too, as the bills for the end of the month had started arriving, including the phone/internet bill that still isn't showing any … Continue reading Payday Panic

Turning In Early

As the title says, I've decided, against my usual habit, to turn in early, if only to stave off sleep debt that'll inevitably accumulate over the week. That aside, somehow managed to get on work on time, though it took some fiddling (and more than a little delaying tactics) to get my systems up and … Continue reading Turning In Early