Well That Lasted Longer Than It Should Have

Internet’s back, which means I’m able to update the journal again.  Had a fairly eventful day yesterday, as we met up with my tito and tita, my two cousins, as well as the children of said cousins, at the Mall of Asia for dinner.  It was fun, and when dinner came, extremely filling (seriously,  I could feel the food well into this morning, I was that stuffed), but turned awkward for yours truly when the conversation came to my body weight, marriage and children.  Ugh.  Sensitive subjects for me, for sure.

Today was pretty leisurely by comparison.  Since the internet was still down for most of the day, I spent some part of the morning, and some of the late afternoon too, at one of the nearby computer shops.  Ironically when I got back we had a connection again, which was promptly used by my sister and father to ring up my mom for a video conference.  And when the baby woke up, he got carried in as well, to be visually doted on by his grandmother.

Oh, and mom promised to send some weight-loss pills she’s found on her next package.  Not really hoping much on that.


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