Just A Little Adjusting

First day on the adjusted schedule, and I have to say this might take a few days getting used to.  Not only did I wake up again at around five, my father made an issue of me not changing when six-thirty came and went.  A bit of explaining got me off the hook, but as usual his knee-jerk habit of loosing a sermon was definitely not a good start to my day.

That said, it was pretty much the usual Monday shift, except for the fact that there was a whole lot more people at the MRT station around seven-thirty, but that was kind of expected.  There was even a bit of rain this morning, and indeed it started to shower by the time I got to Makati, but thankfully it wasn’t raining when the shift ended.  It was however kind of cloudy.

Tuesday shift again tomorrow, so here’s to hoping that the call queue isn’t too bad.


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