If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Another

My waking up and leaving early paid off, as I arrived with enough time at Makati to spare… to walk to the office.  You see, the vehicular traffic at Pasong Tamo extension had pretty much ground to a halt, which meant the only way to get to the office was to walk there.  I arrived with around twelve or so minutes to spare, which was also enough to log in normally, oddly enough.  And just my lucky day, all my systems were also working, but since it was Thursday already, that was okay.

 Aside from that, it was mostly a normal work day.  Indeed, most of the talk in-between calls was about Napoles being dragged to the Senate for grilling instead, or the fact that the Visayas region was going to be in the direct path of a super-typhoon (and if we believe CNN, one that could have been classed as more than a category 5), so soon after the earthquake in Bohol.  That’s… not good.

Another potential disaster in the making, so soon after that powerful earthquake, and oddly enough my father was worried about the fruit trees at our place in Ormoc, which is more or less in the direct path of the storm.  He pretty much wrote off the banana and coconut trees as a loss, but hoped that some of the others (like the lanzones and rambutans) would survive.  I think he should be more worried for our relatives there.

Ugh, all we can do now really is pray for them.


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