Unexciting, For This Part Of The Country Today

Compared to what’s happening right now in the Visayas region, what I’ve been doing to day would be ridiculously idyllic.  Woke up early, checked on whether we had internet, then helped with the weekend laundry.  Really, it’s surprising just how much stuff we need to wash every week.  There was a slight shower while I washed and scrubbed the clothes, but it wasn’t that much of an issue, as I was under the share of our house anyway.  And after lunch, it was off to the bank to withdraw my salary, which after deducting the payment for my Mastercard, went straight into my savings.  Boring stuff, all told.

As for what’s happening down south, well, it’s as bad as everyone expected.  The footage from Tacloban was hard to watch, with streets flooded and visibility nearly reduced to zero due to the harsh rain, was hard to watch.  And that was in an intact city.  I shudder to imagine what it’s like in Bohol right now, still reeling from the powerful earthquake that leveled a whole lot of structures people could have been sheltering in right now.

I just pray that the supertyphoon doesn’t take its sweet time leaving the country.  A lot of our folk are already looking at a bleak holidays as it is.  No need to pile more injury.

P.S. If there are any other Filipinos out there who happen to read this, well, give any help you can.  Every little bit helps for the people hit by this calamity.


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