Utter Devastation

Despite the concern, the capital barely felt the effect of the passing supertyphoon.  Can’t really say the same for the Visayas region though, particularly our father’s home province of Leyte.  With the news trickling in from news agencies, it’s easy to see how hard-hit the place was, particularly the provincial capital of Tacloban.  As if getting hit by a storm surge of tsunami-like proportions (reports say it was at least five meters) was bad enough, most of the streets are still flooded up to the neck of most adults, there’s no power, and what’s worse, roads into and out of the city are blocked by fallen trees, electric and telephone poles, and other associated debris.  There’s little order, looting is now rampant, food and clean water is hard to find.  

It’s a disaster of massive proportions, and while the reported death toll is around a hundred lost, that number is likely to rise as communication lines are restored to all the areas affected… Which is pretty much a huge swath of the Visayas region.  Now if you remember that a good part of the communities in Bohol were flattened by the recent earthquake, and well, it’s pretty bad.

As for our own family in Ormoc, contact’s been intermittent, but apparently one of his cousin’s houses had its roof blown off.  And I think we can pretty much write off this year’s crop of bananas, and who knows how many other fruit trees that were standing on our family’s land.   We’ll still need to wait a few more days before we can call them properly again, and assess the expected damage.

So, yeah… If there’s anyone out there from the local scene, give.  The people down south need food, water, and medicine, so donate what you can.  I’m sure the company I’m working for will have its own drive in a day or two, so I’ll chip in through that.


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