It Came, It Went

Somehow managed to get to work on time today.  I think that owed to the fact that, for some reason, our internet wasn’t connecting when I woke up, so there was nothing forcing me to sit down in front of the PC and waste valuable minutes browsing.  Took a bath, got dressed, and with a triple-layered sandwich of cheese and loaves of tasty bread, I was out of the door quickly.  Traffic was light in Makati as well, but maybe I just lucked out and got a jeepney just when things were moving.

Spent the Tuesday as usual.  The queue load wasn’t as heavy, as it was a holiday in the US, but there were still a lot of calls even then (because people were still trying to cash their checks anyway).  I just zoned everything out, but hey, at least I wasn’t put on the dedicated CS queue this time around.

Got home, but wasn’t able to siesta as planned.  Stayed up and watched the news with my father.  Things are pretty bad right now down south, and aid isn’t coming to the people who need it quickly enough.  

Still no word on the family in Ormoc, but everywhere else it doesn’t take a genius to see how dire things are.  

Dead everywhere, and people are starving.  I had to look away when one of the local TV crew interviewed a mother who’s 5-day old baby died because there simply was no medicine to be had anymore at the Tacloban hospital she was in, and who was still crying while she cradled her baby’s body.

My father was wondering if he should go to the ABS-CBN warehouse and volunteer.  I told him there’s nothing stopping him.  He said that no one would mind the house, but I told him that I had a key anyway, so he should go.  In the end he grumbled about it being too far in Quezon City to go to, so I just left him to simmer at that.


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