Shuffling Through The Day

The internet connection was unstable when I woke up this morning, which gave me an excuse to just ignore the desktop again and focus on the things I needed to do before I headed off to work.  That is to say, taking a bath, changing my clothes, and having breakfast.  As a result, I was able to get to the MRT station somewhat early… Only for me to be stopped just short of the turnstile by one of the stations guards (entry was stopped on both sides of the station, by the way), since the platform was apparently filled with people already.  They allowed entry around three minutes later when a train arrived though, but when I got down to the platform, the train that was waiting was nearly-filled to the brim already.  Had to move up to the second car, and even then it took some effort to squeeze in.

Barring the fact that I felt like an old-style sardine in a packed tin can, I got to Makati without much incident.  I had to walk part of the way due to the vehicular traffic barely moving up to that point due to the roadwork, but managed to hitch a ride shortly after that part of Pasong Tamo (as the roadwork ended past that point).  Managed to get to the office with around nine minutes to spare, and I used those minutes to bring up as much of my system as I could before logging in.

It started to rain about an hour or so after I got to the office, and rain continued to fill our view of the cityscape until well after noon, at which it started to peter out.  It was sunny again after the shift, and I took advantage of this fact to just walk back to the station.

The house was empty once I got home, as tatay made his usual trip to Baclaran.  I let myself in via key, changed, then quickly jumped into bed.  Felt really tired, and whats more I didn’t have the strength to watch the news anyway.


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