The Week Still Looks Ever Longer

Arrived at work late today.  Just six or so minutes late, but it’s still a recorded tardy.  Hopefully my current supervisor would overlook it for now.

Somehow managed to squeek into the end of my workweek, but kind of undecided on what to do.  My father is thinking of volunteering with the repacking at the DSWD NROC, and depending on the situation I might just join in… If he stops dithering about it.  We’ll just have to see about that tomorrow.

More news trickling in, this time on our hometown of Ormoc.  The city proper looks like a warzone, and I imagine that the outlying barangays aren’t much better off.  A lot of places still without aid, which means food or water, and some folk are down to rice gruel and sugar for their meals.  Whatever aid is there is too little, and almost seven days on, barely a trickle due to most of the local government units being crippled by the storm.  No wonder the national government is being criticized.

It’s really become hard to watch at times.  Makes me feel helpless and frustrated.


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