Nothing Much

It says a lot about my day when the highlight of it was accompanying my father to get the new bed cushion (and its cover!) that we ordered yesterday, and even then it was over relatively quick.  Given how close the place was, it barely took fifteen minutes to get there, less than ten minutes to seal the deal (my father got the discount he was looking for, lopping around two hundred pesos off the final sales price), and flag down and load it up to the tricyle for the trip back home.

After a bit of grunting and lifting (my room was on the second floor after all) and interrupting the video conference my sister was having with my mother (all the while holding the baby), we finally got the new cushion up to the room.  We didn’t put it immediately on the bed though, and we had to take off the old cushion (which from now on will be used downstairs for whenever the baby is visiting), as well as the bedsheets and pillowsheets (which obviously went into the laundry hamper).  Then my father, using the straw string used to tie the cushion up for travel, to do some temporary make-work to make sure the damaged metal braces below my bed won’t move too much (while I sat nearby with the baby on my lap).

When all of that was done, only then did I put the cushion on the bed.  It felt nice, but we kept the plastic cover on it for the time being, rather than putting on a new bedsheet.

Aside from that, we had some grilled fish for dinner, the fish in question something one of our relatives caught in the Middle East, and somehow managed to get through customs.  Given how expensive it was locally, you could say the four of us made the most of the meal (along with the ginataang langka we had for lunch), though as usual there was this bit of guilt when we thought of how many of the people in Leyte were still suffering through lack of food.  Ugh.

Back to work tomorrow, though I have to wonder about the Mardi-Gras Christmas Party that the company planned for the evening.  Surely they’re not still going to go through it.  I mean, many other companies more or less cancelled their celebrations to make way for drives to help the victims of the calamity so…

And no, I wasn’t planning on going.  Themed parties aren’t my thing.  Too expensive.


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