All The Embarrassment

Despite my best efforts, I still managed to get to the office  on time, which is a feat given how it’s a Sunday, which meant that there were few jeeps plying the route to the office.  Somehow lucked out and was able to ride on one, which got me to the office with around nine minutes to spare.  While I was able to log in on time, I kind of landed in a remote server with a non-functioning merchant system, so I was placed on membership calls for the day.  Can’t complain about that.

Looks like the early Christmas party went through after all.  Kind of hard not to notice all the extra bags (for the clothes) and make-up kits.  Well, didn’t matter to me, as I wasn’t attending anyway.

Some trouble on the personal side started to become apparent by mid-shift.  The ball of my left foot started to sting, and by the time the shift ended, it had actually swollen up angrily.  I figure it was either caused by the arctic temperatures at the office, or a high uric acid count.  Regardless, this meant that, by the time I got out of the office, I was literally limping while I walked, as it was too painful to put any weight on it.  

Rather than a jeep, I caught a tricycle to Alphaland.  Still took me a while to cross to the other side of the MRT station though, as I half-limped and half-shuffled most of the way.

Instead of going straight home, I made a detour to the blind masseuses at the nearby mall to have my foot massaged.  This turned out to be a bad idea, as even slight touches made me wince in pain.  Eventually it was so bad that my hearing started to ring hollow, my breathing shallow, and my vision went woozy.  According to some of the other people there being massaged, I had turned very pale.  The masseuse assigned to me had to stop, and the proprietress had to call the medic on duty to see to me.  I was moved to a more comfortable seat, then eventually wheeled out via wheelchair to a waiting tricycle about three floors down, which then sent me home.  It was embarrassing.

Instead of going to church for the afternoon, I obviously just went to sleep, in the hope that some rest might help in this situation.

And now here I am, kind of laid up.  Not sure if I can make it to work tomorrow, but putting some Omega Pain Killer over the troublesome area on my foot in question, and hope that it won’t be painful that it’d cause me to miss work.

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