Well That Didn’t Quite Work

Despite my talk yesterday of leaving early to offset the fact that I had to shuffle my way to the rides I had to take to the office, I still ended up late.  Sure, there were jeepneys to ride in once I got to Makati, but this was worth nothing when the traffic barely had any movement.  As a result, I sort of arrived at the office seven minutes late.  Ugh.

On the plus side, the pain and swelling on my toe gradually decreased over the day, and by the time I got out I could actually bend my big toe again.  I still couldn’t put much weight on it though, but at least I could walk more or less normally, enough to go to the station from the office, in fact.

I figure I should be fine in a day or so, but this should be a reminder for me to start watching what I eat.  Who knows what I could have eaten to cause my uric acid levels to spike.


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