And I Did It Again

This is seriously getting annoying.  I got late to work again today, despite the fact that I left earlier than usual.  That made little difference however, as the vehicular traffic at Pasong Tamo extension was once again at a crawl due to the roadwork being done by Maynilad.  The result?  Four minutes late, which makes this my third tardy in a row.  Ugh.  I am seriously hoping I don’t get a written warning for this one.

That aside, it was the usual day at work, punctuated only by a visit by some of the company’s foreign executives (it was hard to miss them, as they were all wearing suits and ties) to the workfloor.  That meant that, at least for the first three-odd hours of the work day, we were on our best behavior.

Because of the traffic, I decided to walk to the station as usual.  Instead of heading home, it was off to DLSU for evaluation… Except when I got there our academic advisor was no longer available.  This is what happens when DST strikes, as I only got out of work at three in the afternoon… and the end of the scheduled evaluation period was around two.  Ugh.  I’ll have one more chance this Saturday, but that leaves me with just a single day for the online enrollment.

Speaking of which, after taking a look at my savings, I’m tempted to just pay for the residency for now, and take a break for a term.  I mean, without a mentor, it’s not like I can do anything, can’t I?


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