Straightened Some Things Out, Finally

I went to school for the pre-enrollment advising… only to find out that, as someone technically already in the proposal defense phase, I wasn’t included.  Still, the visit was fruitful, as I was able to get to talk to Dr. Baytan and straighten things out about my current situation (will still have to show something to my mentor, just to show that I shouldn’t  be dropped like a hot potato), as well as get a needed leg up on the part I’m stuck on in the proposal proper (the theory, methodology, and tradition) through some much-needed reference book titles.

Didn’t do any photocopying though, as I didn’t bring my bag with me.  Will head back to the library by next week, and start copying the material that I need though.  Should be a busy week, for sure.

I have a deadline again.  Hopefully I can get something viable to present before the holiday break hits.

P.S. Since the baby was feeling fussy, had another late-night video conference with nanay.  I couldn’t follow the conversation, as I was nodding in and out at that point, but it was enough to get the baby sleepy.  Nanay singing a lullaby via Skype also helped things a bit.


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