Payday Panic

I think I actually forgot that it was payday today.  If not for the fact that one of my teammates was moaning about it, it would have slipped my mind entirely.  Great timing too, as the bills for the end of the month had started arriving, including the phone/internet bill that still isn’t showing any adjustment.  Yep, time to give their billing department a piece of my mind.  Again.

As for my day, suffice to say I didn’t get late this time.

There was a bit of a panic at the office, because (for those who could access their online payslips anyway) there still wasn’t any money showing up close to the end of the shift.  That made a whole lot of people worried, but thankfully news that there were funds to be withdrawn came just before we logged out.  The money withdrawn went straight to my savings account soon enough, but I kept some two hundred pesos as photocopying funds, as I was going to drop by the DLSU library for research material.

I stopped by the house briefly to pick up my bag, then it was off to the university.  Found two of the titles I needed soon enough too, but I couldn’t take them out since  I was a post-grad student.  This was where the two hundred pesos came in.  I circumvented the “can’t photocopy a whole book” rule on one of them by not having the liner notes included, and I just chose a sampling of chapters on the other.  Then it was back home.

Those will keep me busy for the week, I think.

Started raining.  Hope it makes the night cool enough to sleep in, as the humidity is a little high for some reason.


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