Getting Into The Weekend Again

I managed to somehow survive the end of the workweek, and this time I’m pretty glad that it’s over for now.  Today’s shift, frankly, was hellish, as it was nearly wall-t0-wall Walmart calls.  All those people trying to cash their payroll checks at the same time in order to beat Thanksgiving and Black Friday… Well obviously the system’s bound to break.

It was cloudy enough in the afternoon to give me an excuse to walk to the station again, but the clouds were pretty dark when I got there.  It didn’t start raining until I was close to the house though, so I avoided getting wet.  The rain itself didn’t last long, but when the time came to meet my sister and the baby, I brought an umbrella anyway.

 Got home, and apparently my father’s eye irritation turned into a full-blown case of sore eyes.  He already went to the family doctor, but apparently forgot his senior citizen’s card when the time came to buy the medication needed for it (theramycin).  With the card finally in tow, he tagged along with me when I went out to meet my sister.

My sister and the baby dropped by early this week, but this time around, due to his situation, tatay wouldn’t be able to carry his grandchild for the time being… which meant I was stuck carrying an eight or nine pound baby for the duration.

Now for tomorrow… Well, lots of reading, and maybe a bit of typing is in the cards.


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