Not A Lot As Usual

As the title suggests, there's not really much to share about my day.  Pretty much part for course for my weekend, really. Oh, yeah, apparently me and my father were selected to be the representatives of our side of the family to the wedding of one of my cousins.  The wedding will be in Mati … Continue reading Not A Lot As Usual


From Frustration To Going All-In

It's the first day of my weekend, so those already familiar with my habits know what to expect.  I didn't want to wake up early... But woke up about two hours before the alarm rang anyway.  Spent the intervening time trying to continue where I left off in Kantai Collection -- which is to say … Continue reading From Frustration To Going All-In

The Day After Christmas Day

As a Call Center drone, there's obviously no such day as a Christmas Holiday, and today was no different.  There were a few more people on the streets compared to Christmas Day, but for the most part it felt like a weekend.  That meant fewer vehicles than usual, but despite this I got to work … Continue reading The Day After Christmas Day

Post-Noche Buena Lag

Still haven't quite recovered from the Christmas dinner we had this morning.  After the usual pictures (with the baby being forcibly woken to be able to take part in his first Christmas), and video conference with nanay (who stayed in the background throughout and fussing over the baby when we were in the living room) … Continue reading Post-Noche Buena Lag

Not Slowing Down At All

The funny thing about being a call center drone is the fact that, well, the holidays might as well not exist for us, except as special instances where our pay gets rare increases.  While today wasn't a holiday in the normal sense, you kind of get the feeling that it was for everyone else.  The … Continue reading Not Slowing Down At All

Playing Hooky And Convenient Timing

I was in no condition to go to work today, though it's mostly my own fault.  Went to sleep at two... and I wake up at six.  I was actually fading in and out of consciousness that I was worried that I might fall asleep on the way to the office.  Somehow made it there, … Continue reading Playing Hooky And Convenient Timing

Just My Usual Weekend

I didn't want to, but I once again woke up earlier than usual.  Sometimes I wonder why I bother setting a weekend timer for my alarm really. Anyway, my father went on to visit his old friends in Santa Mesa, so I was left alone for a bit.  I watched Pacific Rim in my sister's … Continue reading Just My Usual Weekend