Not A Lot As Usual

December 28, 2013

As the title suggests, there’s not really much to share about my day.  Pretty much part for course for my weekend, really.

Oh, yeah, apparently me and my father were selected to be the representatives of our side of the family to the wedding of one of my cousins.  The wedding will be in Mati Davao this summer, but obviously my father wants to reserve tickets now for the massive discounts.  And given the date, hmm, it sounds like I’ll have a reason to lose weight for next year.

Yeah, losing flab will be my New Year’s resolution.

One of our seaman relatives joined us today, and will be staying with us until tomorrow, so it wasn’t just the two of us this time.  That said, the only thing that changed really is how we had to prepare an additional plate, but otherwise it was the same as always.  Just me sitting in front of the PC doing nothing creative.  Which means Kantai Collection and updating World of Tanks.

She really IS stoic by the way.

Well at least I won’t have to luck out during crafting,

On the bright side, I managed to get Steam up and running again (which involved tricking the update thingie via surreptitiously timed use of VPN), but this means that I’ll have to redownload all of the games I played more than a casual basis… Which means Fallout New Vegas, Skyrim, and XCOM: EU.

And all of these on top of the anime I haven’t finished downloading over the week. Ugh.

Anyway, as usual here’s to hoping that tomorrow’s shift turns out to be less stressful, and that EVERYONE who should come in does.


From Frustration To Going All-In

December 27, 2013

It’s the first day of my weekend, so those already familiar with my habits know what to expect.  I didn’t want to wake up early… But woke up about two hours before the alarm rang anyway.  Spent the intervening time trying to continue where I left off in Kantai Collection — which is to say trying to finish the Arpeggio collab event.  And at around nine-thirty or so, right on time, came both the phone alarm and my father telling me to get off my arse and start on the laundry already.

Spent around an hour or so on the laundry (it always amazes me how much we accumulate during the week, seriously), all the while “listening” to Soviet Storm:  Stalingrad being played on my cellphone (I saved the History Channel special to watch on it).  After helping tatay rinse said clothes and put them to dry, it was back upstairs to Kantai Collection.  

Lunch aside, it turned into a frustrating few hours as I tried and failed eleven straight times at the E-3 map.  Maya (from Arpeggio) would somehow find a way to hit one of my girls and reduce her to critical/red status, which would force me to end the sortie prematurely and return to base to repair.  With my resources going low and my frustration mounting, I threw caution to the wind, loaded the three allied Arpeggio ships available to me (tsundere heavy cruiser Takao, Iona, and battleship Haruna), then hit E-3 again with abandon.  Three straight sorties with three straight wins followed, but I was more relieved than happy at the end of it, really.

Kantai E-3 clear

Somehow, this victory feels so… phyrric.

And Kancolle’s I-401 received as a reward.  That said, my resources have been pretty much drained by the event.  Hard to imagine I started at around 30k+ each during the 24th…  And with two of my fleets reserved for unlocking Expedition 30, this means I have only a single fleet left for Resource Expedition duty.  At best, it’ll be three or more days before I can even think of farming the cleared event maps for rare ships.

Talk about pissing one's riches down the drain.

Talk about pissing one’s riches down the drain.

Well, time to get those resources back.

The Day After Christmas Day

December 26, 2013

As a Call Center drone, there’s obviously no such day as a Christmas Holiday, and today was no different.  There were a few more people on the streets compared to Christmas Day, but for the most part it felt like a weekend.  That meant fewer vehicles than usual, but despite this I got to work without getting late.

There weren’t a whole lot of calls to take in though, but it does make one wonder what all these people who were calling us doing out on a Christmas Day evening in the US.

Didn’t go straight home, and instead availed myself a massage after so long.  My back was feeling particularly stiff earlier.

Bought some La Paz batchoy on the way home.  Saved us from cooking dinner, at least.

Post-Noche Buena Lag

December 25, 2013

Still haven’t quite recovered from the Christmas dinner we had this morning.  After the usual pictures (with the baby being forcibly woken to be able to take part in his first Christmas), and video conference with nanay (who stayed in the background throughout and fussing over the baby when we were in the living room) the dinner followed, and as usual there was a whole lot of food that the four of us adults couldn’t possibly finish in one sitting.  So full.  I swear all that food carried over.

Since it was a holiday, there weren’t too many people on the streets.  It was like a Sunday really, with few vehicles too.  Managed to get to work without getting late despite this, though the shift itself seesawed between relaxed and stressful due to the queue.  I swear, why where all of these Americans even out during Christmas eve anyway?

Anyway, feeling really tired, so turning in early.  Just waiting for the expeditions  set in Kantai Collection to all come back, so I could set them for the long (4+ hour) expeditions.  Then bed.  Definitely bed.

Not Slowing Down At All

December 23, 2013

The funny thing about being a call center drone is the fact that, well, the holidays might as well not exist for us, except as special instances where our pay gets rare increases.  While today wasn’t a holiday in the normal sense, you kind of get the feeling that it was for everyone else.  The stations for the buses with provincial routes were packed with people, and there were slightly less people on the streets than usual, which is noticeable for a Monday.  Still managed to get to the office without getting late, though without the “fit to work” form I’m supposed to have with me (though one has to wonder how I’d be able to get one at that hour).  Kind of lucked out with that though, as our team TC wasn’t on duty.

Oh, and due to the fact that the 25th was considered a holiday (and as such meant that all banks would be closed), our salary arrived today, which brought more than a little relief to all of us on duty.  I withdrew my pay — all eight thousand and five hundred of it — during my break, but only deposited it in the bank around noon.  I deducted four thousand pesos from it to pay for my VISA credit card bill (which should bring it down below ten thousand pesos at last), but given how the PLDT bill for the month had a good amount deducted from it, it didn’t feel as painful as usual.

Technically went straight to bed once I got home. Missed my cousin, who paid the house a visit, but I did try (and failed) to get my baby nephew to crawl across the bedding over to me.  The goof just smiled at me, and when I held my arms to him, the little guy just used them as support to stand and wobble over to me.  Doesn’t he know that there’s an order to these things?  Can’t stand before crawling!

P.S. We bought a new microwave yesterday.  Since we couldn’t find something from American Standard, my sister settled for a White Westinghouse model.  Relatively cheap too, barely around two thousand five hundred pesos all told.

Playing Hooky And Convenient Timing

December 22, 2013

I was in no condition to go to work today, though it’s mostly my own fault.  Went to sleep at two… and I wake up at six.  I was actually fading in and out of consciousness that I was worried that I might fall asleep on the way to the office.  Somehow made it there, but it was very clear that I won’t be up to answering any calls, at least not without either messing a whole lot of them up, or jumping on the customer on the other side of the phone the moment they showed an attitude.  Because, yes, I’m also notoriously cranky when I don’t have much sleep.

So I took the path of least resistance, and asked my Team Coach if I could beg off work today.  As bad as I felt for those left on duty, especially since it’s a Sunday shift and it looks like none of the other members team came in, but at that point I was just a liability.  So, I went home, though I’ll still have to somehow produce a “fit to work” certificate for documentation purposes.

Needless to say, once I got home, it was straight to bed.  

I slept for eight straight hours, though it still doesn’t feel like it’s enough.  Which is why, after setting up a few things, it’s back to bed.

Just My Usual Weekend

December 21, 2013

I didn’t want to, but I once again woke up earlier than usual.  Sometimes I wonder why I bother setting a weekend timer for my alarm really.

Anyway, my father went on to visit his old friends in Santa Mesa, so I was left alone for a bit.  I watched Pacific Rim in my sister’s room, and was somewhere close to the end when the phone downstairs rang.  It was my sister, obviously, and she wanted me to fetch them.  So off I went, and with the baby and my cousin in tow, returned to the house.

My sister did a late-afternoon video conference with my mom.  Had to leave half-way, since I was nodding off by that point.

Tatay finally got back late afternoon.  Rather than cook dinner, we just decided to buy some lechon manok and two liters of cola.  Since our cousin went off to Baclaran for some last-minute shopping, it was left to me to buy both the chicken and the cola.  Ugh.  Can’t  complain much though, as I had first dibs on the chicken (the practice is for me to eat dinner early, so that someone would watch over the baby when it was my father and sister’s turn to eat dinner).

Had a terrible day at World of Tanks.  Sometimes I wonder why I even bother, what with how bad the teams are at times.