Gloomy And Obscured

I somehow managed to get to work without getting late, which is quite a feat, especially when one remembers that it’s a Sunday, meaning the morning trains were irregular, and there were little to no jeeps plying the route in Pasong Tamo extension.  It still took me a bit to log into the system though, but at least it wasn’t another mark on my attendance record.

Aside from that, just the usual Sunday shift.  It was a little less stressful, due to everyone being in as well as one of the evening regulars going on overtime.  No surprise queue spikes, for sure.

Day was pretty much overcast until around noon, where it slowly got sunnier.  When I got out though it was back to being cloudy, and when it actually started to shower, I decided to forego my walk and just took a jeep to the station instead.

Wasn’t able to take a nap as I’d like, so I guess I’ll have to make up for that tomorrow, if possible.


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