Somewhat Of A Good Start

I somehow managed to dodge the tardy bullet again today, and got to the office with around ten minutes to spare.  This, despite being forced to squeeze into yet another crowded MRT to avoid waiting for one that’s less crowded…

Pretty slow for a Monday, so there’s nothing much to say about the actual shift.  The weather outside was overcast, and then turned dark around an hour before the workday ended.  Although there wasn’t any rain when I finally stepped out, the fact that Pasong Tamo extension was a muddy mess was evidence enough of a previous downpour.  The fact that it was a muddy mess also convinced me to forgo the walk, and take the jeep instead.

Paid off the PLDT bill.  Still annoyed that the adjustment I’ve been waiting for still hasn’t happened.

Kind of hoping for a less frantic Tuesday shift, but I’ve long gotten used to my expectations not being met.


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