Just Pass On Over

Kind of funny how my father thinks that I woke up late… despite the fact that my alarm on weekends actually rings at nine-thirty in the morning, yet I actually woke up at eight.  Hmm.

Did the laundry as usual (the colored pile in particular featuring a green shirt that was bleeding color), but aside from that nothing really noteworthy about today.  Aside from the laundry, I cooked lunch, after tatay suddenly vanished around eleven.  Apparently he headed over to the post office, where he picked up a package under his name… which contained two volumes of the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, which also had a DVD and Chambers Biographical Dictionary (9th Edition), as a bonus.  And whats more, he lugged this heavy package home on foot, which is surprising in itself.

I think I did well with lunch, all things considered.  Fried four fish (seasoned with salt, dried Italian-style herbs, and pepper), and an egg (which I used to see if the oil was hot enough to keep things from sticking) on the side.  While the first three cooked properly, the fact that I put them on the skillet in a group made it hard to flip them over when the time came… Which caused two of the fishes to be reduced to two or three pieces instead of being a whole fish.  The last one in the group turned out perfect though.

My sister arrived as usual with the baby in tow, but this time she complained about how his sharp nails are leaving more than the usual amount of marks on her face.

Maybe I can make up for it tomorrow.


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