Question Answered, Day Done

It really says a lot about how uneventful my weekend was when the highlight of the day was hanging around Tounou Mamare’s second visit to 4chan for the promised Log Horizon Q&A, posting a question, and waiting for whether or not he’d answer said question.

And eventually, he did.  Gotta admire the guy for trying to go through each posted question in turn, troll posts aside.

For those curious, this was my question:

Will there come a point that the LN plot (aka Shiroe’s story), and Kanami’s story (aka the web side story) intersect? Or will they remain separate? Because it would be… interesting to see how Shiroe and his friends tackle the <Genius> monster dillema.

It took a while for the answer to come, but this was what Mamare had to say about the matter:

Mamare !5bXzwvtu.E (the tripcode Mamare was given to use to make sure it was him and not a faker): 



(If Shiroe doesn’t want to push too hard and settle with a normal conclusion, they won’t cross. If he want the absolute best conclusion, then he’d need some kind of support he couldn’t even imagine, and you guys know that Kanami is one of those people able to help him in that way, right?)

My night made, right there.


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