What’s Normally Expected

Managed to squeeze by despite it being a Sunday, and arrived on time to the office.  It was a good thing too, as the queue was unexpectedly (or should I say as expected instead) backed up, and remained so well until ten or so in the morning.  Yikes.  Add to the fact that there were only three of us instead of the usual five, and we were really hard-pressed at answering the flood of calls that came in.

The day itself was mostly sunny, which meant that it was good weather to walk to the station.  Too bad, due to all the roadwork being done, that Pasong Tamo extension was a dusty mess.  Urgh.  It turned cloudy by the time I got home however, but it only started to rain during the late evening.  

I better head off to bed after this.  Given how late I went to bed yesterday, well, I better try to offset the sleep debt while I could.


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