What A Start That Was

Although I was able to prepare for work early, I still ended up late.  By the time I arrived at the Taft MRT station, there was this whole mass off people trying to get up the steps, and an equally large mass of people trying to get down.  It took me something like ten minutes to push and shove upward, then squeeze into the line where the people who have tickets had to follow…  Which was then followed by something like five minutes in line to get to the turnstile, because only one was working for some reason.  Ugh.  Eventually I got down to the platform, but by that time it was less than five minutes to when I was supposed  to be at the office already, so I just had to accept that I was going to get late.

Getting to Makati was relatively easy by comparison, and I didn’t even have trouble catching a jeep to the office.  When I got there though I was pretty much tardy anyway, so I figured I could take my time logging in… Only to find out that the merchant side of my systems had gone off and derped on me again.  At first I was told by the TC-on-duty to try restarting, but after about thirty and more minutes of this without anything to show for it, they eventually relented, and set me for memberships for the day.

… Except I kept on getting merchant calls instead.  After like six calls in a row of this, I went to the TC again, and informed them of this.  Some idiot at Workforce did the opposite of what was requested of them, and made me priority on store calls instead, sheesh.

That little hiccup aside, the workday passed without much excitement.  Obviously people were looking forward to tomorrow, which is when we’re supposed to get our 13th month bonus on top of the usual pay, but I couldn’t feel optimistic about it.  It’s obviously connected to the fact that I’m going to use a huge chunk of it to reduce my thirty-something Mastercard credit card debt.  Blah.

Hopefully I have something left over to spend for presents.  And the baby can’t be picky, right?

Oh, and I constantly marvel at my countrymen’s capability to create bottlenecks, as by the end of the day, when I was heading home, I was treated to yet another massive line… this time leading out of the station.


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