A Lot To Be Annoyed About

So apparently the reason why the amount I received the last payday wasn’t as high as it should have been was due to… the system making automatic “adjustments” based on the time I actually came in (meaning six hours a day rather than the eight hours a regular employee has), the end result of which was a six thousand-something peso deduction.  

You bet I went ballistic.

That said, for all my fuming (and a whole lot of shouting at our payroll handlers), there’s little I could do about the matter.  So I just swallowed my misgivings, withdrew some three thousand pesos from my savings, then did my gift shopping. At least now I won’t worry about the gifts I’m going to give on the 24th.

Hmm, there’s the company exchange gift between members of the team, but I figure I’d take care of that tomorrow.


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