Underestimating The Emptiness Of Weekends

I’ve kind of accepted how hard it is to come up with an entry to put in during my days off.  Okay, it’s not like I have much to say about what I do at work in the first place, but it’s always harder to find things to talk about when I spent the whole day at home.

Although I woke up at my normal “weekend” schedule (which is to say around nine-thirty in the morning), my father was prepared with his usual sermon about how I was late again.  I paid him no mind as usual, and after finishing the usual morning ritual (which also included finishing some of the easier daily quests in Kantai Collection), it was off to do the laundry.  It took about as much time as this week’s episode of Kill La Kill to finish downloading (on a .6 Mbps connection mind), so when I finished up to the point where the colored laundry only needed one more soaking to get rid of the soap on them, I headed upstairs to watch said episode.

… Only to promptly get chewed out when I went downstairs to get a drink because, apparently, I didn’t notice how my slippers had muddied the tiles.  Apparently some of the water from my washing got to where I placed them aside.  The dirt was easy to wipe out, but really the old man has to realize that a lot of the things that happen in my wake, I didn’t actually mean to do.

After lunch, we were left to our usual devices.  Yours truly of course retired to my room to indulge in my hobbies, while my father found excuses to work around the house (this time around it was giving our front door a new coat of varnish).  The afternoon passed uneventfully after that.

Anyway, apparently my father’s going to leave for my sister’s house tomorrow to help set up their garden.  This means no visit from the baby, but this leaves the house to myself for the day.  Hmm, the possibilities.


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