On My Lonesome For The Most Part

Like I mentioned yesterday, my father was going to my sister’s to help with setting up the garden.  When I woke up though, he still hadn’t quite left, which meant I received the usual morning treatment from him.  Only when he finally left around nine or so in the morning that I truly had the house to myself.

And my first order of business was… preparing lunch for myself.  While there were leftovers from the previous night, I wanted to try something, so I defrosted some pork cuts, bathed them in a mixture of herbs and spices (which I seem to be the only one in the house to use regularly), before finally giving them a good coat of potato starch.  After that, I threw them into the pot filled with a good layer of oil, and presto, pseudo tonkatsu.  All this while I was heating up water for the thermos too.

It turned out quite well.  The pork cooked perfectly, and the spice mixture I used just fit what I wanted. With that done, I ate my lunch, after which I cleaned up after myself.  I then took a bath, after which I took the time to patch up the hole my cellphone holder had developed

Then I spent my day flitting between reading, Kantai Collection, and World of Tanks.  The latter of which I’ve been having a third straight day’s worth of terrible games on.  My stats on it have plummeted .6 points now. Ugh.  So many bad players during events…

My cousin arrived mid-afternoon with a friend in tow, but only stayed for a bit to eat (in the process finishing off the last of the deep-fried cutlets I made) before heading off to Baclaran for what I assume was gift shopping.  The around five-thirty or so, before they were off again, this time to my sister’s place, with all the stuff my sister needed in tow.

Tatay arrived less than fifteen minutes later.  I asked him if he ran into my cousin, but apparently their paths didn’t cross.

Prepared a simple dinner for ourselves, mostly rice and something I threw together from the canned goods mom sent (vegetable medley, tomato paste, and spices and herbs as usual).  Tatay had a full plate to himself this time around, but it made sense, since he likely used a lot of energy helping at my sister’s house.


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