Long Lines And Canine Follies

Today was a nightmare.  Lots of calls came in from both the CS side and the merchant side, and what’s worse, we were down three people, which meant that the queue was backed up way into noontime.  So stressful, I was seriously tempted to go on personal break and walk out for ten minutes.

Somehow survived the shift, but I was beat by that point.  Was in no mood to walk to the station, despite the good cloud cover, and jumped into the first jeep I could ride in.  

Waited for the train at Magallanes as usual.  It took a while for a train to finally move up from Ayala, but I was puzzled at how… slow it seemed to be going.  Indeed it actually slowed to a crawl by the time it did the upward slope to the station.  At first I thought that it had a technical problem, but the reason why it was going so slow eventually revealed itself: apparently a male stray dog had somehow wandered onto the train tracks.  

Too bad I wasn’t able to get a picture of it, but there were a lot of surprised looks from the people waiting on both sides of the station’s platforms as they watched this dog, seemingly without a care in the world, wandered from one side of the track, to the middle, all the way down the slope in the direction of Taft station.  I wondered if the security guards were able to shoo it off the tracks, but the train did start moving at normal speed again once I got on, so they must have succeeded.

Again I wondered at the Filipino people’s ability to create natural bottlenecks.  Taft station’s platform was almost filled elbow-to-elbow with people when I got off, and it took some going to get up, and I only managed to do so at the final set of stairs before the elevator.  Once I got up, I was given a sight of an unmoving mass of people standing in line just past the turnstiles.  Sheesh.

Anyway, drained. So I think I’m turning in early.


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