Yet Another Calm

Yet another slow Monday, which is how I liked it.  While we were down a teammate, those who did come in were more than enough to handle the low amount of calls on queue.  Aside from that, nothing really exciting to share.  Well there is the fact that the cubicle two seats down became this impromptu discussion point, as one of my teammates became the sounding board for one of the CS team’s members. It was the one who had just recently given birth, and not too surprisingly their conversation centered around the troubles she had with her partner, particularly the brazen way he kept a mistress…

Hey, it was hard not to hear all this, after all I was just two seats down.

Aside from that, well, there’s that accident at Skyway, where not only did a bus slide off it, it also flattened a van full of people in the process.  More than eighteen lives, gone just like that, and so close to the Holidays too.

It was incredibly sunny when I finally got off work, to the point where I had to put on my sunglass attachment to my spectacles.  However by the time I got to the station, it was all dark again, and sure enough it started to rain by early evening.  It’s a good thing I was already at home by that point.

As usual, I’m praying for a more reasonable day tomorrow.  At the very least, I hope everyone in the team comes in.


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