Jumped Past Another Midweek Hurdle

Today turned out rather well, actually.  I got to the office on time, despite having to squeeze into an already very crowded MRT train to do so.  When I got to the office, the queue wasn’t as bad as I’d expected, though given how there were only three of us in the team on duty, spikes did happen, but for the most part the avail times were more than enough for me to catch my breath.  And after noontime, the time in between calls was so large, that my workstation’s screensaver actually started up, and it only does that if I haven’t been doing anything for fifteen minutes.

Oh, and apparently we have a voucher, where we can exchange services for it over the course of five days.  I’m not sure as a morning shift persona that I’m going to be able to make the most of it, but the stubs labeled ham and T-shirt look promising.  Hmm.

The day was pretty sunny, but while it wasn’t that hot I passed on walking to the station, and jumped on the first jeepney I could find.  Arrived at home to find it unoccupied, but that’s kind of expected given how it’s a Wednesday, and my father was usually off to Baclaran for the mass in the afternoon. So I set my alarm, and went to bed for three hours.

Although I’m awake now, I plan on hitting the sack again after this entry.  Still don’t feel that it’s enough.


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