Playing Hooky And Convenient Timing

I was in no condition to go to work today, though it’s mostly my own fault.  Went to sleep at two… and I wake up at six.  I was actually fading in and out of consciousness that I was worried that I might fall asleep on the way to the office.  Somehow made it there, but it was very clear that I won’t be up to answering any calls, at least not without either messing a whole lot of them up, or jumping on the customer on the other side of the phone the moment they showed an attitude.  Because, yes, I’m also notoriously cranky when I don’t have much sleep.

So I took the path of least resistance, and asked my Team Coach if I could beg off work today.  As bad as I felt for those left on duty, especially since it’s a Sunday shift and it looks like none of the other members team came in, but at that point I was just a liability.  So, I went home, though I’ll still have to somehow produce a “fit to work” certificate for documentation purposes.

Needless to say, once I got home, it was straight to bed.  

I slept for eight straight hours, though it still doesn’t feel like it’s enough.  Which is why, after setting up a few things, it’s back to bed.


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